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Armpit Pain and Swelling Of Lymph Nodes. Armpit pain is a pain under the arm, specifically in the area of the armpits. The causes of armpit pain could be temporary matters like shoulder pain that is radiating and causing pain the armpit or maybe serious medical conditions like swollen lymph nodes. Generally, mild armpit pain should go away in a week or two. If it doesn’t go away completely in a few weeks or you are experiencing much severe pain, it is advised to visit a doctor. An important issue with armpits is hygiene. One should keep armpits clean and dry. Armpits are a region where sweat generally accumulates. Sweat and moisture can make your skin prone to infections which can cause armpit pain.

Armpit pain or underarm pain can be caused by these conditions.

  • Infections : Pathogens like bacteria, fungus and viruses can infect any person. Viral diseases can have armpit pain as one of the symptoms. However, armpit pain is mostly caused by infection of the skin with bacteria or fungus. These infections are local and cause soreness and swelling in the armpits. It can also happen in just one armpit. If the infection gets worse, it may affect the lymph nodes in the armpits and also many skin glands present there. You may also see visible rashes and marks of infection. Such an armpit pain makes movement sore and painful. Candida infection is a fungal infection which causes white patches on the armpit skin. Psoriasis and contact dermatitis are common skin problems that can occur at the armpits also.
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes : Lymph is a circulatory fluid that flows throughout the body. The flow is regulated by lymph nodes. Due to infection, the lymph nodes in armpits may inflame and swell. This swelling can cause pain and hinder movement of the arm substantially. Swollen lymph nodes cause tenderness in the skin of armpits and some visible redness on the surface. Swollen lymph nodes may resolve on their own in some time. But, if they have been for more than 2 weeks , then you should consult a doctor.
  • Injury to the Nerves : Pinched nerves and injury to nerves like torsion etc can cause pain in the armpits. Nerves near the neck, arm and shoulder can get damaged due to shock, injury or may be just pinched. Many times, you may sit with your knees folded into your armpits, which can pinch the nerves. This can cause numbing or stinging pain. Nerve pains can seem like pulses. People who have diabetes can also feel pain in armpits that is related to the nerves.
  • Injury to the Shoulder : We may injure the muscles and tendons in the shoulder area. This may happen in sports quite often. Shoulder injury can cause pain in the underarms. People who have undergone surgery for shoulder dislocation or other shoulder problems may feel armpit pain afterwards.
  • Cancer of the White Blood Cells also affects lymph nodes and lymph vessels. Cancer can cause pain in the armpits. Cancer can also form painful lumps in the body.

There can be many causes of lumps in the armpits. Even bacterial infections can cause abscess, which is a pus filled lump causing lot of pain. To prevent armpit pain, one must keep armpits dry. Do not use excess of talc or deodorants on the armpits. Do not let sweat accumulate on the armpits and you will be prevented from many armpit problems.

In women and girls, there may be some specific causes of periodic armpit pain as well.

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