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Associate’s Degree definition and job scope. What is an Associate’s degree ? It is defined as an academic degree that is generally awarded after you complete a 2 year college in a particular field. Associate’s degree is like a Bachelor’s degree of just 2 years. This degree has lesser credits than a full fledged bachelor’s degree, with emphasis only on general education and core topics. In many countries, there is no associate’s degree and only 2 year diplomas. The kind and level of education that you have has a bearing on the type of job that you can get. However, Associate’s degree has turned out to be a better option for  many students.

Associate’s Degree is awarded in vocational and non-vocational fields. You can get an Associate’s degree from a University, as it is an undergraduate degree. Vocational degrees like nursing, engineering etc are offered at technical schools. There is one major advantage in pursuing an Associate’s degree.

Pros of associate’s degree :

  • Relief from Student Loan : An associate’s degree is only 2 years long, whereas a bachelor’s degree is 4 years long. Given the high fees of study, a student would generally have much lower student loan in an associate’s degree than in a bachelor’s degree. Post graduate degree pursuit can further lead to an increase in student loan. Having a huge student loan to pay right after college can be a towering financial burden.

An Associate’s degree is preferred by those students who want to get a job early and do not want to accumulate a high student loan. However, an associate’s degree is inferior to a bachelor’s degree and there may be many jobs where bachelor’s is the requirement.

Associate’s Degree and Online degrees : Surveys have divulged information that most of the degrees opted for online are associate degrees. There is a big market for online degrees and it is fast becoming popular. If you are going for an online degree, make sure that it is from an accredited college.

Job Scope after an Associate’s degree : There is a lot of job scope for students after an associate’s degree. Be it vocational field or non-vocational , many firms are willing to take associate’s degree students. An associate’s degree may not provide in depth knowledge, but it is designed to give a broad overview of an industry. So if you have done an associate’s degree in fields like medicine, management, business administration, nursing, engineering etc, there are lots of job options. Many times, the salaries are comparable with that you get after a bachelor’s degree. Secondly, you don’t have to wait for 4 years to get a full time jobs. Associate’s degree is meant to be job oriented, so they get jobs quick.

Abbreviations after an Associate’s Degree : Each degree has its specific abbreviation. A.A. stands for Associate in Arts , A.S. stands for Associate in Science and like that.

When you are faced with the decision of whether to go for bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree, one must have the future in mind. Read out the current job trends if you want to get a job. For those who want to get complete professional knowledge should go with a bachelor’s degree. From the point of view of personal finance, student loan and a good high paying job, Associate’s degree can be enough in many cases. There are some careers , like nursing, computer science etc in which it is easy to get a high paying job even with an associate’s degree.

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