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Autobiography example . An autobiography is an account of the life of a person given by the person himself/herself. This is different from a biography, which is an account of a person’s life penned down by someone else. Autobiographies are very important in society as well as in literature. Autobiographies of famous people are read by millions of people and these books are sources of inspiration. That is why, writing an autobiography is emphasized in schools and colleges. Even kids are asked to write about themselves, which helps them to collect their memories and present them before others.

Autobiography can be short, like a single page, long enough to be an autobiographical essay and , if you have experienced many events worth writing, it can be as large as a book. But, for most people in common scenario, autobiographies are written short. If you are applying for any job, the employers ask for an autobiography. That has to be attached along with other documents like degree, resume and cover letter.

What should an Autobiography contain ? Firstly, it is an account of your life. So, it must be clearly written and to-the point. Secondly, you should not exaggerate things in an autobiography. When someone reads it, the autobiography should feel like a true personal account. Autobiography should be written in a proper order and should have appropriate sections.

Structure of an Autobiography : An autobiography should be well organized for the readers. You can grasp how to present information using the tips mentioned.

Your Identity and Basic Information : This is the introduction to the autobiography. It should include :

  • Your full name, nicknames and names of the members in your family-parents, siblings and children. Your age and gender.
  • Where you were born and where do you reside now.
  • What you are currently doing in life. If you are student, which school and grade are you in. If you are in college, mention the college/university name and degree that you are pursuing. Similarly for a job or business etc. This is about your profession.

A Timeline of important events : After you have introduced yourself, start providing a chronological account of the important events that have occurred in your life. Since it is your autobiography, you have the freedom to write whatever you consider as important. It is similar to your Facebook timeline. Write your experiences in an informal manner. This attracts the readers towards what you have written and creates interest in them. Examples of events can be – your first birthday, about your childhood pranks, play school, friends in childhood, education, travel, love and much more.

Your Opinions and Comments: This part you can reserve for writing what you feel about things that matter to you. These are strong personal opinions. You can write about things you like and things you dislike.

Your Aims : You can describe about what you want to do or become in future. It is a description of the dreams of a person.

So, this is just a brief idea of how to go about writing an autobiography. You can follow the steps to easily write a short autobiography. There are many autobiography examples which you can read. If you apply for scholarships or internships, many times you are asked to submit an autobiography. In that case, you can go about writing an autobiography, but also include about the scholarship or the internship. This shows the reader that you want something and there is a reason for it.

Autobiography Example ( for Scholarship ) ; You can check more autobiography example here .

Hi all, I am ___________, but everybody loves to call me ________. I live in _______ with my parents , ( mother’s name, father’s name ) and a younger brother_______. I am about to be 22 years old on 7 th March as I was born on _____. My birthday is coming up and I am excited about it, but hardly as much as I used to be when I was a kid. I was born far off from this metropolitan in the county of ____, state____, USA. We lived there for a couple of years, then dad moved here to set up his clothing business here.

I studied in ________school . My school life was awesome, just like most of us. During my childhood and up until recently, I used to go for hiking on the hills with my father and brother, while mom would stay back at home. On those days, dad would tell us about his journeys as a cloth businessman and how he set up his well to do business. I naturally became inclined towards science and engineering, but I also did not neglect other subjects in the curriculum. Right now, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Textile engineering from the _____ university. With the skills and knowledge that I am receiving at college, I aim to take my father’s business to an unprecedented height.

I am applying for Institute Scholarship because I am passionate about studies and my field of engineering. I aim to bring about a change in the clothing world, so that we have more technologically active clothes.

Me and my family are a really happy family of four. Mom is very supportive and she cooks absolutely fantastic meals, although all of us know how to cook well.

Above is a sample short autobiography. If you are really good at language, then you can present your bio in the form of an autobiography poem.

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