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Average Time to run a mile. The average time taken by a healthy adult to run a mile depends on his/her age. A mile is considered to be the length upon which runners are judged. Running a mile in the minimum possible time has been the goal of most athletes and it is still a great feat. Anyone who breaks the existing record for the fastest mile run will surely receive international fame and acclaim. Let us see some interesting facts about running a mile.

A mile is about 1.6 kilometer long. This turns out to be 5280 feet. The average time to run a mile is 10 minutes. But, it is not that almost everyone will clock the mile in 10 minutes or so. It can vary from 4 minutes to 20 minutes. Women and girls may take slightly longer to run a mile.

Depending on the age of a person, these are generally the average time to run a mile.

  • A 15 year old person can comfortably run a mile in 6 minutes. It is the average time for teenagers to run a mile. So, high school students should set a target below this time.
  • A 20 year old person should be able to run a mile in less than 6 minutes. You may be surprised to know how a 20 year old person can run a mile faster than a 15 year old. That is because, as we go into the later half of teenage, the physical capacities improve. The person in his twenties should be able to run faster than when he/she could in his teenage. However, this is not always true. For example, it may not hold for girls. They can run faster when they are teens than when they enter their twenties.
  • A 35 year old man will take 8 minutes average time to run a mile. After a certain age, the physical capacity starts to decline slowly. A 35 year old person will take longer to run a mile than what he/she could at the age of 25. So, there exists an age at which the person can run a mile in the shortest possible time.
  • As the person ages , he/she will start to take longer time to run a mile. A 50 year old person may have an average of 12 minutes. At 60 , it may go down to 14 minutes.

The average time to run a mile for a person also depends on a person’s level of conditioning. With practice, each skill improves. If someone keeps running regularly, he/she can surely lower his time to run a mile. As a runner, it gives a sense of joy to be able to run a mile faster than what you could earlier.

There is a great history behind the fastest time to run a mile. At one time, it seemed no one could run a mile in less than 4 minutes. It was named the famous ” four-minute barrier” . This barrier was broken by Roger Bannister. Today, athletes try to break the current standing record for fastest time to run a mile.

You can monitor your level of health and fitness by noting your time to run a mile. It gives an idea of how well your body is responding to physical exertion.

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