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Black mold is a type of fungi mold that has harmful effects on our health. It is visible as a black stain on the wall or in other place of the house. Black mold is also called toxic black mold because it releases toxins in the air. Therefore, it contaminates the air in the house which causes health problems. It looks ugly and is greenish black to pure black in color. If you find such a stain in your home, it needs to be removed because it is constantly harming you. If you are not sure whether the stain in your house is black mold, have a look at pictures available online. If you are still not sure, you should contact specialists to look at it.

Note: do not attempt to remove the black mold on your own without proper knowledge and correct equipment. It is dangerous for your health, and the removal should be attempted with right cleaning material and equipment.

The toxic black mold releases harmful chemicals into the air. They get dissolved in the air and it is very difficult to detect the change in air quality. However, some people are able to detect an unusual smell in the air when they turn on air conditioning. The smell is more prominent close by to the black mold stain. Exposure to toxins released by black mold have effects on respiratory system and nervous system. At first, the symptoms are mild but they do aggravate. Symptoms of exposure to toxins by the black mold.

  • Respiratory system symptoms like difficulty in breathing and excessive fatigue. Some people report a bad taste in mouth . Recurring problems in the upper respiratory tract.
  • Nervous system symptoms like mood swings, lack of concentration and weakening memory. Dizziness and fainting can occur. There can also be symptoms showing up like red eyes, difficulty in vision, ear problems.

Prolonged exposure to toxic black mold and its toxic air can pose serious health risks. Since children have weaker immunity, it can impact them much more.

  • It can affect many vital organs of the body. Respiratory system may scar and there can be internal bleeding in the lungs. bleeding can also show up on the outside in the form of nose bleeds or blood in vomit. If the exposure prolongs, there can be hemorrhage.
  • Problems in the heart and a changed blood pressure. The heart starts to feel the strain.
  • Toxicity due to black mold can affect liver and kidney-two vital body organs. Liver pains can be experienced.
  • Ulcers in the digestive tract that can be painful.
  • Breathing difficulties can worsen and there is a health risk of anaphylaxis.

All of these health issues are dangerous. That is why, it is important to stay vigilant and get any such mold removed. The removal of black mold is done with a bleach and after wearing professional equipemnt. in most cases. affected tiles, drywall, plaster needs to be removed. You can also get this done by expert black mold removers for some charges.

Precautions to take to prevent black mold from re-occurring.

  • Install an air filter or an air conditioner that comes with an inbuilt air filter.
  • Check your bathroom regularly as it is most prone to black molds. Install a dehumidifier in the house. Black molds thrive on poor air quality and higher moisture. Both of thes matters you can take care of.
  • Improve ventilation in the entire house so that clean natural air flows everywhere.

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