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Blood in stool- what causes it and what it means. Appearance of streaks of blood in your stool is not a healthy sign and it may mean one out of a lot of problems. There are many causes for blood in stool. In most cases, it is caused by non risky medical conditions, but sometimes blood in stool can be a clear symptom of a serious diseases. If you see blood in your stool, also check for other symptoms and signs that your body may be showing. Clearly noticing the symptoms helps the doctor to provide better diagnosis.

In any case, seeing blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet can be frightening and it can leave you troubled. Most often, these are the problems that cause blood in stool.

Anal Fissures : These are small tears in the wall of the anal passage.Anal fissures can lead to bright red fresh blood appearing over the toilet paper. It mainly happens when people put excess pressure while defecating. This can be common in case of constipation. So, if you have constipation, try to resolve it quickly and do not put excess strain on the body while defecating.

Hemorrhoids are also blood filled structures which remain inside the body. However, if they sustain damage or prolapse out, then this could cause blood in stool. Hemorrhoids cause a condition called piles which is the most common cause of blood in stool. This too can bring about bright red colored blood in stool. Piles can sometimes be very painful and lead to loss of a lot of blood. If you see lot of blood in stool, it may be that piles has gone worse and you should visit the doctor.

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease can cause blood to appear in stool. These diseases are generally chronic diseases and lead to inflammation of the colon. Treatment for these diseases is a complex process and you have to make adjustments in you diet.

Ulcers in the stomach and at other places in the digestive tract can lead to bleeding. This may show up as much darker blood and may look brownish or blackish. Peptic ulcers and sometimes, even the ulcers of food pipe can lead to internal bleeding which can travel down and show up in stool.

Varicose Veins in the esophagus : Our food pipe may also get varicose veins which may bleed into the digestive tract. Varicose veins in the food pipe is a serious condition and it may lead to loss of significant amount of blood. When we bleed even slightly more than normal, the body becomes too weak. Internal bleeding can lead to a lot of signs on the outside. One of the main signs is extreme weakness and feeling dizzy.

Cancers of the digestive tract, mainly stomach cancer and colon cancer are also a cause for blood in stool. Thus, blood in stool should not be ignored. You should get diagnosed because it may be a sign of cancer. Detecting cancer early is quite helpful in treating it quickly and avoiding complications.

Diverticulosis is a disease that affects older people. It causes bleeding from the rectum ( called rectal bleeding ) and blood appears out in the stool.

These are generally the causes of blood in stool that is visible. Stool tests are precise tests that can detect even very small amounts of blood in stool. This is called fecal occult blood and there can be many more causes of this. Blood in stool may look either bright red or have a darker, blackish tinge. It may be difficult to spot blood in stool, but if you do, act quickly. Also note other symptoms like abdominal pain, where the pain is most felt, cramps, constipation, indigestion, bloating ,diarrhea etc.

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