Bruised Bone Symptoms And Healing Time

Bruised Bone Symptoms And Healing Time. Bone bruise is a painful injury to the bone. Bruised bone is also called a bone contusion. It generally occurs due to a violent or strong force acting on the bone. The most common place where bone bruises occur are the legs. Bone bruises often occur in injuries, falls and high intensity sports. It can also happen at home, if you bump your bone against something hard. Many times, kids may hit their friends or adults with something as strong as a baseball bat. In sports like cricket and hockey, the most common bone bruise is the ankle bruise. While playing a shot with the cricket bat, the bat may hit the ankle and this bruises the ankle bone. These are very painful conditions and take a long time to heal.

What is a bruised bone actually and why does it pain ? A bone gets bruised when its outer surface gets damaged. Generally, because of the impact on the bone by the powerful force, the outer surface of the bone shatters or cracks. It is a superficial crack and not something as serious as a fracture. The injury may cause the blood vessels in the surrounding region to rupture. This causes internal bleeding and the affected area can turn blue or purple because of blood leaching out.

Bruised bone symptoms : A bruised bone shows characteristic symptoms.

  • A bruised bone often pains a lot. The pain may be bearable just after the injury, but it gets worse after some time. That is because of continuous internal bleeding and blood getting accumulate in the open spaces around the bone.
  • There is swelling on the skin just above the skin. Sometimes, it can turn into a depression and the surrounding skin may be raised. This may happen when the bone gets bruised because of a sharp object, such as pointed stones.
  • Bluish color under the skin. Due to ruptured blood vessels,blood may leak into the skin and give a bluish appearance. It may also be purple in color.
  • Severe stiffness can take place in the area around the bruised bone.

Bruised bones generally do not swell a lot. If you see marked swelling or a hint of deformation at the bone, then one should visit the doctor. An X ray may be conducted which generally reveals any deformation, crack or fracture of the bone. Bone bruises can remain painful for many days following the injury. It heals slowly and often takes months to heal completely.

How to heal a bruised bone ? One can heal a bruised bone by following a two phase treatment at home.

  • When the bone gets bruised, do not exert further pressure on the bone. This can worsen the bruise on the bone and make it difficult to heal quickly.
  • Lie down and take good care of the body part that is effected. Most often, bone bruises occur at bony protrusions in the body, like shin bone, elbows, ankles, heel, hip, tail bone and the knee joint. Try to avoid movement and do something for the pain. Once the pain is under control, you can sleep better.
  • Apply ice over the bruised bone many times in the day . Ice can reduce the swelling and relieve pain for a few hours. It also supports in healing the bone.

With this process, the bruised bone may heal to the point where some movement may performed. Now, start doing mild exercises to keep the blood flow good. The pain may have lessened to the extent that one can perform activity. With some amount of exercise and tender care, the bruised bone may heal quickly. However, the healing time of a badly bruised bone may be even greater than 6 months.


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