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Business Email Format Example : Proper and Formal.  There is a lot of importance attached to any business email correspondence. Business emails are the emails that are predominantly used within firms by employers and employees to send and receive messages. It is also used in business to business ( B2B ) and business to client ( B2C ) correspondence. That means, apart from the emails sent by companies for marketing,  like promotion of a product, rest of the emails are mainly business emails. They should be proper and formal.

Why the need for a proper Business Email Format ? This is done to ensure that business emails retain their importance and look. A business email should be short, grammatically correct. It should not contain informal language, even though there may be an informal atmosphere in your firm. These business email format practices help to maintain uniformity in business emails.

Business Email Format : general rules. These rules are not binding or compulsory. They are just best practices to be done while writing a business email.

  • Content : The content matter of a business email correspondence should be short. If possible, try to keep it within 80 to 100 words. The style should be formal , no matter what language it is written in. So, whether you are writing a business email in English or German, it should be formal. It should be grammatically correct and make proper usage of business terminology.
  • Subject : The subject of the email should be descriptive but should not contain a language that is generally used for marketing emails. It should not have the words ” Urgent” or “Attention” etc unless they are apt for the email. Most emails are sent and received through an email client. They all have their spam folders and technology to detect spam. It should be carefully noted that business emails do not go into the Spam folder. Business emails need to show up in the Inbox as clear and concise with a proper Subject.
  • Background and Design : A business email is quite unlike a product marketing email. It is best on a white background with a good and standard font size and font style. It should not have those background colors, designs and artistic features that promotion emails have. Formatting and settings like margin, padding, spacing etc should be fine tuned.
  • Other Details : A business email should have all the necessary information about the sender so that the receiver can easily reply and contact. This includes Name, Designation, Signature( optional ), Firm and contact details like phone number, email address etc.

Business Email Format Example : This is the general skeleton of a proper business email.




SUBJECT : Low Inventory For Your Demand Of Product A

Dear Sir,

In reply to your email dated _____, correspondence id = ______.

We regret to inform that you that our inventory for product A is below ______. As a result, we request you to kindly accept a lower supply of Product A .

The problem has arisen because of failure of 1 Production Unit due to unavoidable circumstances. We hope to deliver the product in the next consignment, if you agree.

Looking forward to prompt reply from your side before ____(Date ).

Sincerely Yours

Name, Designation
Firm Name
Email ID
Contact Number

Liability ( This section includes legal considerations and in what legal dimensions is the email responsible. )

Business emails generally have a legal notice along with them. It is a legal disclaimer to prevent the firm from any legal binding issues that may result from issues like mistakes, sending email to wrong person etc.

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