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Calico Cats Personality Traits, Genetics And Facts. Calico cats are the magnificently beautiful cats who have a multi colored coat. Calico cats have coats with patches of many colors. The colors that we most see on calico cats are black and many shades of orange color. They have a white coat with patches of these colors on their body. Sometimes they are two colored and sometimes they are multi-colored. A few calico cats have features of tabby cats on them, the swirling patterns or lines along with the M shape on the forehead. There is a great deal of science behind calico cats and their color patterns.

Calico cats are not a special breed of cats. Actually calico cats can be found in many cat breeds. That is because calico cat pattern forms because of a genetic defect in some cats. A very interesting fact about calico cats is that almost all calico cats are female. So, male calico cats are rare in our world. Only a few people have male domestic calico cats at their home. If you have a male calico cat at home, then you surely have a rare kind of cat.

You may be wondering, are all calico cats female ? Well, most of them are. There are really very few male calico cats. The reason behind this is genetics. It has been found that the extraordinary presence of such colors only on female calico cats is because of certain changes in the genes of these cats. Calico cats have contributed a lot to the understanding of genes and genetics phenomena. In a way, calico cats are proof of a special effect in genetics which possibly affects the females of other mammals, maybe even human beings.

Calico Cat personality traits and temperament : Lets get out of the genetics and all stuff and see how calico cats behave. If you are thinking about getting a calico cat and domesticating it, know about its temperament first.

  • Calico cats are generally fussy in the beginning. But, as time passes and they get to know the family, they behave pretty well. Although, we all know that cats are known to act in a very independent manner. It may happen that the cat is self centered for some time.
  • Calico cats possess the attitude and characteristics of the cat breed. So, if a calico cat is a Persian cat, then it would have the qualities found in Persian cats. There are many different types of calico cats differentiated on the basis of breed. They do inherit some tendencies and qualities of the breed.
  • Calico cats live nicely with other cats so little risk of cat fights with other cats in the house.

Do Calico cats shed ? This is a typical question. The amount of shedding of the fur of a cat depends on the species of the cat. Calico is not a species but a color pattern. So, how much your cat would shed depends on whether the cat is a Himalayan cat or Siamese cat or any other cat.

Calico cats are attractive because of their beautifully colored coats. The color patches can be dilute or intense. One special kind of calico cat has bluish color patches and it looks cute.

Some interesting calico cat facts :

  • Calico cats are the state cats of Maryland.
  • According to the Japanese, these cats bring good luck.
  • They have one more name : the Money cats.

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