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What do Condolences mean and How to write/say a condolence message. Condolences are words, sayings that are said out of sympathy for someone who is experiencing pain and sadness upon the death of a loved one. Whenever people go to meet a person whose loved one has died, it is customary to express condolences. However, condolences are not limited to what you say, or send via letter. They include all kinds of acts done by someone to sympathize with the bereaved. This is a broad definition of condolences.

A Condolence message : Whenever you are writing a condolence letter to someone, there are some things that are recommended. Firstly, write in an informal tone. The word ” Sorry ” can be aptly used in a condolence message. Phrases like ” My Heartfelt Condolences” or ” Our Deepest Condolences ” are appropriate to be used in a condolences message. You offer your condolences in the message and ask the recipient to accept them.

Examples of Condolences :

  • As I have already mentioned, condolences are not limited to just words or sayings. There are many more ways to express sympathy . The main objective of condolences is to acknowledge the loss that the person is bearing .
  • Sometimes , family members of the deceased open up a charity or donation in the name of the that person. In this case, you can express your condolences by donating money to that cause.
  • Offering help with household work, meals and other activities are also considered condolences. If you are close enough to the person who has recently lost a near and dear, then you can offer help with household activities.
  • If you have memories of the one who has passed away, it is nice to express those memories in a condolence. This goes to show that you remember that person, his/her interaction with you and that you will remember the memory.
  • Running Errands for the bereaved family : There are many financial and organizational things that spring up when someone passes away. Sometimes, the family may need help with such activities. You can offer support to manage certain things , if they agree. This is also a nice way to express sympathy with the family.

Sometimes it happens that you may require to send condolences in a different language. In that case, you may take the help of a translator to express your message properly in the other language. For example, English to Spanish, French etc. You can also quotes and sayings by famous men, seers and ancient wisdom in your condolence message. But take care that about the fact that quotes may have more than one inferences. So, use them sparingly and only when they are appropriate to the context. Try your best to avoid any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Another way of expressing condolence is to attach something that signals your contribution. For example, if you know painting, then you can attach a drawing along with the condolence message, or make a condolence card. It shows that you are expressing the condolence using your art/skill.

Condolences are a part of our tradition. In all cultures and religions, there are some traditions regarding condolences and the acts to be done following the demise of any person. Preparing meals for the bereaved family is a common way to express your support.

Condolences can also be sent by email and even in social media. They are all means of communication. But, you must send condolences by message on Facebook, Twitter etc only when the person has mentioned about the loss as a status update.

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