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Cottage Cheese diet plan is a proposed diet plan for weight loss. Cottage cheese is a cheese yogurt. It is a dairy product with good concentration of protein and low concentration of fat. That is why cottage cheese is quite popular dairy food among bodybuilders. It is also a part of weight loss diet plans that become vigorously popular among the people. Many persons claim that weight loss diets like 3 Day cottage cheese and grapefruit diet are effective for quick weight loss. It is also believed that such diet helps in reduction of body fat.

What is the Cottage Cheese diet plan for weight loss ? Diet plans proposed for quick weight loss, like 3 Day Cottage Cheese diet consists of eating cottage cheese with fruits and vegetables. It prevents eating of grains and other carbohydrates. So, for three long days , you eat a low calorie and low carbohydrate diet. This diet contains sufficient protein and little fat. But, how effective is this diet plan .Does the cottage cheese diet plan for weight loss work ? Well, it works for some and for others it doesn’t. We humans are all different. Because of the popularity of such diet plans, frequent surveys are being conducted to gauge what people feel about these diet plans.

Nevertheless, cottage cheese can be a delightful inclusion to your daily menu and also provide wonderful health benefits. But, your diet should contain other foods also, so that you get all essential nutrients along with a right proportion of fats, protein and carbohydrates.

What are the health benefits of taking cottage cheese ?

  • It provides probiotics just like yogurt. These friendly gut bacteria improve digestion and boost longevity of a person.
  • Cottage cheese is great for those who want to build muscle mass. It is a favorite among men and women who have lesser muscular mass and want to build it up. Secondly, it provides some essential amino acids that regulate some important body functions.
  • Cottage cheese tastes great. It is not as sour as yogurt . When it is topped with fruits, like berries, cherry with small amounts of salt, black pepper, some condiments like cumin and herbs like thyme, it becomes a delicious treat. Cottage cheese is also great for kids and teenagers. It can be included in many recipes. It provides them with protein and nutrients for growing healthy. Growing kids need a lot of different types of foods to complete all the nutrients required. This is the concept of balanced diet. Cottage cheese in diet helps to build stronger and denser bones for growing kids.

Cottage cheese has some regional varieties, depending on the preparation technique. It is quite popular in Italian cuisine.

When we do not eat a balanced diet, the body starts to get deficient on many important nutrients. They are all important for overall good health. If you want to lose weight effectively over a convenient period of time, you can take help from a nutritionist. Quick weight loss plans like 3 Day cottage cheese diet ( with grapefruit, flaxseed ) etc may not work for everyone.


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  1. wanda4848 says:

    This is interesting because cottage cheese is one of my favorite snacks. I like to have it with fruit though. And it is very healthy. :)

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