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Cucumber health benefits for hydration , cancer and weight loss . Cucumber is a vegetable which grows as vine . But , more than being used as a vegetable , cucumber is cut directly into a cucumber salad. this is the most common way of consuming cucumbers . This vegetable originated in India thousands of years ago . It has grown in popularity and recognition over the years . Now it is cultivated throughout the world . Cucumber comes in the summer season and is the best way to beat the summer heat . Cucumber health benefits are a subject of study and research .

  • Cucumber is one of the best ways to hydrate the body . Our body needs regular hydration . Water has many health benefits and it plays a pivotal role in body’s chemical and biological reactions . Cucumber is largely water by weight . When you eat cucumber , it quickly replenishes water in your body . We feel much cool and refreshed . In tropical regions like South East Asia , eating raw cucumber in summer months is customary . These health benefits of cucumber due to water content are similar to those provided by watermelon .
  • Cucumber can replenish electrolytes in the body . Cucumber contains small amounts of electrolyte potassium . Sodium can be introduced externally , through a pinch of table salt . This salt dissolves in the water of cucumber . After activities which make us sweat a lot , electrolytes are low in concentration . In summer months , sweating is profuse . Hence , eating cucumbers with a little salt is very helpful .
  • Cucumbers and their nutrition value : They are a rare source of minerals molybdenum .They are also rich in Vitamin K .
  • Cancer fighting nutrients : Cucumber contains two special nutrients that are capable of fighting cancers . One of them is lignan , which is a poly-phenolic compound . The other is Cucurbitacin , which is special nutrient found exclusively in plants of cucumber family . These compounds possess strong anti-cancer activity . This makes cucumber very valuable .
  • Cucumber also contain a class of compounds called flavonoids which act as anti-oxidants . It has only a few of the flavonoids but they are very helpful in promoting better health .
  • Cucumbers have the ability to prevent inflammatory reactions in the body . They keep a check on the growth of inflammation .
  • It is good for weight loss as it hardly contains any calories . Cucumber can also be part of a diet to manage diabetes efficiently .
  • Cucumber is renowned for its benefits for skin . It is specially a part of makeup done by women . Cucumber slices are excellent for treating dark circles under the eyes .

For maximum benefits and best taste cucumbers must be refrigerated . It is best if you are eating them fresh . Storing the cucumber in a cold environment preserves its taste and water content . Cucumbers come in some varieties . They are eaten fresh and some are pickled . Cucumber salad can be made tastier by adding other salad worthy foods like radish , tomato etc . Cucumber juice offers much the similar health benefits .

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