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Dark Green Stool arises concern in the heads of people. In optimal health condition, stool has a yellow to brown color and it is a semi-solid paste. Still, it does not mean that dark green stools are always caused by some digestive disorder. There can be many causes of dark green stool. Most of them are minor changes and the dark green stool is just occasional. However, if the stool is consistently green, or the frequency of dark green stools is quite high, then it could be caused by a disease. There is no specific or absolute meaning to dark green stools.

Dark green stools can happen to anybody from toddlers to adults.If someone has had a dark green stool, it may have been caused by these.

  • Eating a lot of vegetables in diet. If you have taken lots of green colored vegetables, or maybe you drank vegetable juice, then your stool can be green colored. But, the stool should not be loose or hard.
  • A dark green stool can also be caused by some processed foods which have green food coloring, like toffees.

If the green stool is either watery or too hard, or it is foul smelling than it signifies a problem. This is surely the characteristic of unhealthy stool. Dark green stools can also be caused by these conditions.

  • Diarrhea : In diarrhea, the food passes through the intestine pretty fast. So, the bile cannot act properly on the food. Bile is a digestive enzyme secreted by the liver and it is green in color. In case of slow and proper absorption, bile turns to yellowish brown. However, if there is diarrhea, bile just coats the food green and the feces comes out untreated. In diarrhea, stool is mostly watery and it can be really awful smelling.Infants are prone to diarrhea, so they can have dark green watery stools.
  • Green color in stool can be caused by some medication. You can consult a doctor to find out how medication may be affecting stool color.
  • It can also happen when people take laxatives. The mechanism is similar to diarrhea.
  • Improper absorption of iron in the intestine can result in dark green stool. The percentage of absorption of iron from food varies in a large range.Some people are not able to absorb iron properly. If they have iron rich diet, then the excess iron in stool can cause bloating and lead to dark green and greenish black stools.
  • Dark green stool is a symptom of digestive diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

There are two diet changes that can help in this case. One is to drink sufficient amount of water daily. Second is to include yogurt in diet. It really helps the digestion and absorption process.

Dark green stools are a cause for concern if they are recurring. Mothers often get troubled when infant passes green colored feces. An infant’s health needs to be monitored regularly. If the infant is feeling uncomfortable, he/she can display it using some activities. One shoul quickly recognize health problems in a baby and take him/her to the doctor.

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