Diet Plans – Reviews and Health Benefits

Diet has an important say in how we look and how we feel on the inside. A healthy diet is really the key to better health, in all respects. Now, there are many special diets which have been created by well known nutritionists and experts in the past. They are intended to support or aid in a particular goal, like weight loss, or to put on more muscle mass. Most of these diets do work. But, they may have certain shortcomings in other aspects of nutrition.

Let’s face the stark fact, many “diets” are actually fads. They are nothing more than a restricted diet in a specific nutrient, or a macro ( protein, fat or carbohydrates ).

Here, we evaluate and analyze the health benefits of some of the most well known diets, along with their potential side effects. It is better to know and read about the scientific evidences about these “diets” in medical research and follow that, instead of the hype on the web, or through any other marketing means.

By the way, Did you know about the Okinawa Diet ? 

It is a special diet of the people living on Okinawa island in Japan. Their diet provides them such a good health that many people on that island live well over 100 years, and most living above 90 years of age. And the best part is that they are hale and hearty even at that age.

Diet plan

Photo Credit : USDA


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