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Drywall Lift Rental Cost And How To Use It . Drywall lift is a mechanical device that lifts drywall boards. It ranges in sizes from very large to small panel lifts. The large drywall lifts are actually cranes which hold drywall together and hoist it up large heights. This is the preferred way to put in drywall boards into the upper floors of a house. Medium size drywall lifts are for the purpose of using indoors. It contains mechanism to hold drywall in place and keep it locked. These are used to install drywall on the walls and the ceiling. It speeds up the construction work by many hours. Drywall panel lifts are hand held tools that bear the weight of a drywall. They are handy too.

Drywall lifts are used by construction workers and structural engineers. They are brilliant tools. They completely eliminate the hassle of carrying drywall boards around. When installing boards, it is common to bump them around somewhere and see that your drywall is rented. Sometimes, the drywall may get so damaged that even patching is not possible. In that case, you got to buy a new one and money is wasted. Well, this is not good. But, during construction activities, this is common. So, it is better to get the job done using a mechanical drywall lift. In fact, by using this machine, one can also install drywall panels on the walls and even the ceiling.

How to use a common drywall lift or a panel hoist ? This lifter is easy to use. The first part is to set up the drywall lift. It is taken out and parts are attached as per specification. Then, it is taken close to the location of installation of drywall. Drywall board is picked up the person on site using a panel lifter. He or she carries and attaches the drywall to the lift. The front side of drywall is kept towards the lift. Then, lift is operated using a circular handle on its axis. It can move the board in two or three axes, depending on the configuration of the drywall lift. So, you can move a drywall forward, upward and even at a slant.Once the drywall reaches its correct location, lift is put into a locked in position using a foot handle. The lift stays secure and the panel is held stationery. One can then easily attach the drywall using screws or nails or any other connector. Then, lift can be detached and taken away for work.Most drywall lifts have a tripod base with wheels to move and turn it around.

Drywall lift rental : Most construction work is done by taking drywall lift as rental. It costs around $ 60 a day as rent. Buying a new one costs less than 200 $. One may also need to buy drywall stilts for doing work on high ceilings and walls.

It is important to note that any lift has its maximum weight bearing capacity. If your drywall boards are heavier or close to this limit, the lift may fail and lead to a broken drywall. Using a drywall lift significantly speeds up the task of setting up walls.

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