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Drywall Repair : How To Do For Hole, Cracks, Ceiling Using Kit. Drywall repair is a simple process which can be easily done by anybody. Drywall can get easily defaced by strong forces. Kids playing the house can really create a huge hole in the drywall. Natural disasters leave a tale of disaster on drywall. They are not structurally very strong and can get easily torn, twisted and warped. If the damage to the drywall is just a minor defaced wall or a hole, then it can be done by someone in the house. If the damage is large and entire wall needs to be replaced, then one would need to contact drywall installation contractors to come and do the job.

Drywall is the plaster wall that is erected on internal walls. It is used to create partitions, non load bearing walls and also on major walls. In short, it adorns every inner wall of the house. There can be different kinds of drywall for different house, like fireproof one for kitchen, water resistant one for bathroom etc. So, the repair work depends on the type of drywall that got damaged. One needs to get that same drywall for replacing the old drywall otherwise the new piece of drywall would not have that property that the original drywall possesses, leaving the wall weak at that location.

How to repair drywall yourself at home ? If your drywall has minor cracks or small holes, then they can be renovated. These are the steps to perform for drywall repair for small hole .

  • Find out the original type of drywall. They come in various types – fire resistant, water resistant, cement board, mold resistant board and many others.
  • Get a small piece of the same drywall. It should be rectangular in shape.
  • With a metal straightedge and a T square, mark a rectangle over the drywall hole.
  • Cut out this hole with a drywall saw. A simple manual drywall saw with knife like shape is the best to cut through any drywall.
  • Now, duplicate this rectangular size on the replacement drywall piece. This part is meant to fit in the hole.
  • Fit the drywall piece into the hole.
  • Now, apply joint compound over the entire area affected with a joint knife. A joint compound is a special substance which acts as glue or plaster between the cut out piece and the existing drywall. It is very similar to plaster but on shouldn’t use plaster instead. The joint knife is any kind of brick joining knife. They come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Use a broader knife to spread out the applied joint compound. Make sure that it is nice and even.
  • The joint compound has to be sanded lightly with a sanding brush. It is then primed and finally painted with a paint exactly like the drywall. This way, the hole in drywall is repaired.

All of these is are found in drywall repair kit that are sold by many manufacturers. They can also be bought as individual drywall repair tools and items.

For concealing minor damage like cracks,damaged corners, dents and split tape in drywall, one can just use the joint compound. So, you see that the joint compound is the basic material that is used in any kind of drywall repair. Repairing ceiling drywall is much more complicated. To repair drywall water damage, one would need to call an expert to do it.

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