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Drywall Texture : How To Techniques, Sprayer And Tools. Drywall texture is a technique that is used to create artistic patterns to a drywall. Most people prefer a plain wall but textures too look beautiful. But, one has to maintain consistency in designing and applying the texture design. There are many types of them. The most popular ones are orange peel, knife and clouds texture. Well, actually one can make anything as a pattern. When used repeatedly, an art form creates a pattern. So, a texture could also resemble waves, grains, honeybee house designs and many more. At some places, plain walls are more suited, like where paintings and photographs are attached. Then, a textured wall may draw more attention towards itself and not towards the photographs.

Drywall texture techniques and tools : There are many tools to create a texture. The more creative you get, the more unique patterns you can come up with. These are the methods on how to create drywall textures using paint or joint compound.

  • By hand : If you take any regular design, like even a wooden comb, roller or a hexagonal plate, its shape can be inscribed on fresh thick coat of joint compound. Generally, by hand texture is done rarely as there is high chance of hands getting soiled.
  • By using a hopper gun : This is preferred and easier method of applying a texture. Hopper guns thwart out joint compound at high speed so it can be applied in a large area very quickly. Then, by varying the nozzle size of hopper gun, one can make numerous textures on the drywall. Using a spray to do this art can takes more time.
  • By using a paint sprayer with the hand, one can make textures on the wall. This method can be cumbersome and tiring for making a texture on the ceiling. But, some people still manage to decorate their ceilings with wonderful textures just by using a hand held paint sprayer. But, it can surely produce fine results with intricate details.
  • Using paper : This is really simple. All you have to do is to buy textured paper and apply it over the entire drywall. One can cut out strips of paper and then make designs out of it. It takes much less time and creates similar results as the above methods. The wall looks textured.
  • One can also use paint brushes of different sizes to paint the patterns over a coat of joint compound. An artist can utilize this opportunity to show his or her painting skills.
  • Drywall can also be textured using stencils. They cover locations over the drywall. Then paint the wall with a different color to create shapes like pots, flowers, vases, grass and many more textures.

Drywall textures are a great addition to the look and interior design of a house but contemplate first whether it is suitable for the wall or ceiling that you are desiring. It is not a very time taking job. One can also knock down a previous texture and apply a new one if it seems out of place.

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