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Dwarf Bunnies As Pets : Types and Care For Them.  Dwarf Bunnies as pets are sought by a lot of people. They are some of the cutest animals on the planet that are worth keeping as pets. Dwarf bunnies or dwarf rabbits are smaller sized breed of the rabbit. They are much smaller in size and much lighter even when fully grown. Even dwarf bunnies have different breeds within them, but the worldwide popular ones are Netherland Bunnies. These bunnies have the same diet as their bigger counterparts but they need much more care and affection. However, before getting your own dwarf bunnies, know that they require enough care.

Information about Dwarf Bunnies : They are pretty small beings and they look cute. Dwarf bunnies have come from bigger rabbits as a result of a “gene” which is called the “dwarfing gene”.

Weight of Dwarf Bunnies : Any rabbit breed that weighs below 4 pounds is a dwarf rabbit. Netherland bunnies turn to be even lighter that this limit. They are generally 2 pounds in weight.

Colors Of Dwarf Bunnies : They can be found in many many colors – white, pink, blue, orange ,skin etc.

Care For Dwarf Bunnies : They are lovely pets for anyone. They have wonderful coats and fine hair which can be combed and maintained. They look neat and active. But, they need quite a lot of care, slightly more than what you do for your cat or dog.

  • Dwarf Bunnies are generally kept in a Cage that is suitable for their size. They are taken out only for some time in a day.
  • Diet : They would generally eat anything that a rabbit eats. This means they love carrots, grass and herbs like celery. Hay is a preferred food for them, with delicacies like berries and other fruits. They too love to take fruits.
  • Love and Affection : They are little buddies that need love and affection from you. It impacts their health and emotional level. They should be cupped gently in the palms and given gentle massages. They love this. Dwarf bunnies are to be handled gently as they can get frightened or stressed by our big size in comparison to them.
  • Exercise : Like the bigger rabbits, they need exercise to keep them healthy. Life expectancy of dwarf rabbits is around 10 years but it can go up to 15 years.
  • Cleaning : Rabbit litter should be cleaned. It does not take lot of time. Their cage should be clean and they should access to clean fresh air and water.
  • Health Issues : Dwarf bunnies are known to fall ill more often. They can illness which doesn’t show up prominently on the outside. As the owner of this lovely little pet, you should watch it for its nature. See if there are any signs of weakness or illness.

Types of Dwarf Bunnies : If you are thinking of buying a dwarf rabbit, then you have a lot of options. There are many types of dwarf bunnies, each with its own distinctive look and beauty. These are the most popular types of dwarf bunnies.

  • Lionhead : This breed of rabbits have a mane just like a lion. They are generally white, black and orange like.
  • Holland Lop : These cute bunnies are the ones having large lopped ears. They sure have a unique look.
  • Dwarf Hotot : This species of tiny bunny has a white color and dark lining over the eyes which looks like mascara.
  • American Fuzzy Lop : These rabbits like the Holland Lop but with more wool.

They are favorite among kids.

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