Finger Monkey : Information, Fact and Cost of keeping

Finger monkey is a monkey that has found lots of fame. That is because it is a very small monkey. It is the size of average human finger length , giving it the name Finger Monkey. And their biological name too is quite catchy. They are called Pygmy marmoset. When you look at the picyures of finger monkey, you are immediately attracted to the uniqueness of this special animal. Finger monkey can cling to your finger and stay over there . A remarkable thing about these pygmy monkeys is that they are quite advanced species, just like monkeys should be.

Finger monkey

( Photo Courtesy: jinterwas )

Finger monkeys are found in slightly hilly forested terrains of Amazon Rainforest. There occurrence is seen in countries of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and also Brazil. They are found in sufficient number and they are classified as “Least Concern” species by IUCN. That means , however few and unique they might seem in other parts of the world, they are living in large numbers in the Amazon Rainforest.

If you are thinking about buying a Finger Monkey, collect information about this monkey first. These are some facts about them.

  • They are generally 13 to 14 inches long. They have a long tail which is even longer than the body. Finger monkeys are beautiful species of primates.
  • They can live for 15 to 20 years. But, they live  for less years in the jungle. Their diet is very different. They chew the bark of trees for resin or sap. This is a very special diet. They are quite selective regarding which trees or plants they use for extracting the sap. So, if you are planning to adopt a finger monkey as pet, you can give it a better environment if there are trees or garden nearby. They can also be fed on packed food .
  • Finger monkeys are smart and playful. They have good skills and they also use communication techniques to talk to other finger monkeys. They live happier if there are two or four monkeys together. This is like a colony for them .
  • Temperament : They can get angry sometimes and may even bite. However, that is not much painful or harmful to kids . They can also create trouble with other animals as they are mischievous by nature.

How much does it cost to keep a finger monkey ? Firstly, finger monkeys are quite expensive. Secondly, it costs money regularly to keep them healthy. The costs of this pet can be veterinary costs, its own housing ( cages ), food and cleaning costs. They can take up a lot of your time.

These are monkey species , so they are naughty. You need to have patience to bear their acts. In general, they like to live in the pristine environments of the Amazon Rainforest. So, it becomes difficult for them to adapt to our lifestyle. You should keep these finger monkeys only when you have the time, money and patience to keep them .

However, you can keep trained finger monkeys as pets. These are the finger monkeys that have been trained to behave since their birth. This work is performed by breeders to make them more suitable for being human pets. There is no doubt that these monkeys have popularity and appeal. They are sought after pets , so breeders are many. If you make your finger monkeys comfortable, they can be fine companions on your fingers. The babies of finger monkeys are really tiny and look so cute.

Cost : They generally cost from $1500 to $ 8000 depending on the size , gender and shipping policies etc .



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    Hi there , I am planning to buy a finger monkey for the first time . Does anyone has experience with them . I mean some of my friends who have them said they are funny others said they are very naughty ??

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