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Funny ways to say happy birthday. Saying happy birthday to your friend or loved one in a funny way makes him/her feel all the more special. It comes as a surprise as people are used to monotonous ways of happy birthday wishes. A funny birthday wish makes the receiver’s day more joyous. Moreover, we tend to remember such statements throughout our lives. So, what are some funny ways to say happy birthday ?

Some of the funniest ways to say happy birthday that will make the leave the whole party cracking with laughter.

  • Sing a song : Singing a song may sometimes inspire the greatest and longest laughter. If you have a great sense of humor, try singing a song to your friend on his/her birthday. Sit down with friends and listen to songs. Come up with a few funny sounding songs and you are done. You can dress up in custom costume so that the one celebrating his/her birthday is surprised and amused. Take care that this all happens without his/her knowledge else the spontaneous laughter may be lost. If the laughter starts, let it continue by even more performances.
  • Say happy birthday in another language with all the proper gestures and props. Let your friend celebrating the birthday guess the language. For example, this is how happy birthday wish in Japanese sounds – Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu . Such a birthday wish has a high chance of inducing laughter. Try many different languages and practice them with a group of friends. This entire thing can be turned into a funny quiz for the birthday boy, girl .
  • Send jokes : If you are close friends, then you can enjoy the day and have lots of laughter by reading to jokes. You can make it more dramatic by staging it this way. Have someone in your friend circle read out the jokes. The one who is good at speaking can do a great job. Then all you have to do is sit back and keep laughing to hilarious jokes.
  • Pick up some funny movie quotes and enact them : Mimicry is an art. You guys/girls can stage a hilarious performance for your friend celebrating birthday by enacting some really funny movie lines. Movies are popular entertainment and there are many funny quotes in movies.
  • Recite past events and memories : People who have been to school together generally have a box full of funny memories. Going down the memory lane will be hilarious for the whole group.
  • Send funny and witty quotes : Numerous authors and poets have written witty and funny quotes about happy birthday. You can pick out ones that suit the age and send them as happy birthday wishes.

A birthday full of fun and pomp is a day that can be deeply etched in the mind of the one celebrating his/her birthday. We live in a modernized world and have busy lives. Nothing beats stress better than hanging out with friends and laughing.

So, whenever the occasion of birthday of a friend comes up, you can take time to plan it out and have a great time of your life. You can also plan out and make Events on Facebook with funny videos on it for the birthday.

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