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Goatee Styles For Beard With Mustache And Without It. Goatee is a facial hair style that has been popular among men since the very ancient times. The goatee can be sported in many ways. Each goatee style has a distinctive look. Goatee actually means to keep the facial hair like a goat. A very popular type of beard style is the Van Dyke beard which is pretty much similar to a goatee. You may want to have a goatee, but first it is important to figure out how you will look with a goatee. Many men can pull off a goatee brilliantly. Goatee comes in many styles, so if one style is not looking perfect then try another one.

What is a Goatee ? Well, by definition, it means a beard style of men that resembles the beard of a goat. That one is actually called long goatee now. In general, goatee is a term used for beard styles of the chin that end at the mouth. They may or may not be connected to the mustache and sometimes, there may not be a mustache at all.

These are the well-known goatee beard hairstyles. Find out which one is cool for you.

  • Long goatee : That is the one that looks like the goat’s facial hair the most. It is long and extends beyond the chin. But, just like any goatee, it does not extend beyond the lower lip dimensions or the smile dimensions( slightly more than the lower lip ). The long goatee can be designed to have a triangular shape or a rectangular shape. Generally, silky beard hair look better with a triangular design and the regular beard hair look better with the square or the rectangular long goatee. But, this doesn’t hold true all the time. In the long goatee, there is no mustache.
  • Van Dyke : Simply said, Van Dyke is a standard goatee with mustache. You can look at pictures of Van Dyke goatee to see how it looks. It is a simple French beard style that is sported by many men around the globe. This style was introduced by a painter named Anthony Van Dyck.
  • Simple Goatee : The plain and simple goatee is the short goatee with no mustache. This standard goatee can be designed into various styles by deftly changing the thickness, length, breadth and shape of the beard at the chin. It thus offers room for a lot of experimentation and you can try them out.
  • Soul Patch : It is a goatee style in which the hair just below the lower lip are left out and rest all is shaved off. The thin patch of hair beneath the lip is the soul patch style.
  • Petit goatee : This goatee starts lower at the chin and has a rounded start. The goatee looks like an ice cream cone.
  • Egyptian goatee : This goatee style is the one that is seen on statues and monuments of the ancient Egyptian civilization and was probably sported by the Pharaohs. It is a medium-sized rectangular goatee that extends only from the prominence of the chin.

Does a Goatee look good ? It depends on the face of the person and the facial features. There are many cool goatee designs to choose from and one can check which one suits his face. You can also take some suggestions from friends to find out what they think of your new beard style. Goatee has to be regularly trimmed. It needs washing and combing to look neat and tailored. With a goatee, one may need to eat food with caution, as it may stick to the beard hair which looks ugly.

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