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Health benefits of Oatmeal ? Eating daily .Let us see what can the widely popular cereal ” Oatmeal ” contribute to our health. Oatmeal has become one of the most commonly eaten cereal in breakfast at our homes. Manufacturers of cereal and oat products spend considerable amount of money on advertising. This meal is also marketed as a weight loss diet plan for women.Oatmeal is prepared from the grain Oats, chiefly in the form of porridge . Other edible items like condiments, nuts ( almonds ) and fruit pieces can be added to the porridge for enhanced flavor and taste.

Deviating from the claims, let us find out the total health benefits of oatmeal.

  • Oatmeal is a favorite with Sportsperson and Endurance athletes: Oatmeal is preferred by people who play endurance games because it gives them continuous energy. Oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates, which are metabolized slowly. The slow assimilation of oatmeal continuously provides energy to the body. On the other hand, sprint athletes generally eat simple sugars before events.
  • Oatmeal is great for people who have heart problems. Daily consumption of small amount of oats keeps the heart safe from many diseases. This has been confirmed through studies and published by many health institutions.
  • People who eat Oatmeal can manage their cholesterol better. Oats contain soluble fiber which helps to lower down bad cholesterol. Heart health is upheld.
  • Oats contain the highest concentration of proteins among all cereals. The value on average is comparable to protein content in soybean. Thus, kids, teenagers and even adults should take oats . And what better way than to eat oatmeal cookies which taste fantastic.
  • Oats are nutrition packed. They provide many Vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and minerals. Moreover, those who have problem with wheat can comfortably eat Oatmeal. They contain an array of antioxidants. The collective effect of its nutrition can help men and women to lose weight naturally.
  • Oatmeal can be of help to patients of diabetes and deficiency diseases.

Oatmeal does not taste good when it is kept plain. Kids are often averse to eating oatmeal. Therefore, you can add taste to plain oatmeal by adding whatever you prefer and goes well with oatmeal ( like cinnamon ). Try varying different types of Oat products like rolled oats, steel-cut oats or crushed oats. Oatmeal also comes as instant meals in the market. Examples of ready to eat products based on oats is muesli. This is a famous recipe . Granola bars also contain oats.

If you experience itching and discomfort due to skin conditions, the symptoms can lessen if you take Oatmeal bath. Just put oatmeal in your bath tub and lay down in that water for some time.

Horses love to eat oats and it is their staple diet as well.

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