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Health benefits of Oranges. We all love to eat oranges. Eating oranges and drinking orange juice has some benefits for our health. They were first cultivated perhaps in China and there is a mention of orange fruit in the ancient texts. Today, the varieties of oranges are one of the most cultivated in the fruit. We enjoy eating oranges and there are many varieties to choose from.

You can get these health benefits by eating oranges.

  • You get lot of Vitamin C : Oranges of all varieties provide us with the important Vitamin C. So, whatever are the functions of Vitamin C in the body, oranges help us to keep them up and running. Deficiency of Vitamin C results in a disease called Scurvy which causes lot of problems in teeth and gums. So, if you keep eating oranges, then you are safe from scurvy.
  • Oranges reduce oxidative stress : This is a type of stress faced by you due to oxidation of cells. Antioxidants that occur in Oranges are effective in curbing this stress. There are different types of oxidative stresses for which you need different types of Antioxidants. Oranges contain a good array of antioxidants. So, oranges can in fact slow down aging of the body .
  • Oranges promote faster healing : You can speed up the rate of healing process in case of wounds, burns and cuts etc.
  • Being a Citrus Fruit : Almost all the fruits that belong to the citrus category have similar anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Oranges, limes and lemons are great for health.
  • Orange juice is also good for nutrition. Drinking orange juice improves the absorption of iron in the blood. People who are anemic benefit from drinking the juice of fresh oranges.
  • Orange fruit helps to deal with cold and cough better. It provides certain class of nutrients that are effective against throat infections and problems in the respiratory tract.
  • The nutrients found in Oranges are known to maintain healthy blood pressure. The entire circulatory system consisting the heart and blood vessels stay strong when you regularly eat oranges.
  • Oranges have the capacity to prevent strokes because of the Vitamin C in it.

Oranges have a great history behind their cultivation and why they have become so popular the world over. Navy sailors found out that eating limes and oranges could suppress nausea, sea-sickness. Oranges also prevent scurvy . So, they became commonplace in every region of the world.

Even now, eating oranges daily can keep you healthy and disease free. Oranges also have a positive effect on the immune system . Even the orange peel has special nutrients, which makes it valuable. Bergamot is an orange variety which is a renowned ingredient in green teas.

Tangerines ( Mandarin orange ) , Bergamot, Blood Oranges etc are all varieties of Oranges with slight differences in taste. Another common health benefit of oranges is for our skin. They stimulate collagen production which keeps the skin elastic.

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