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Health benefits of Walking : Physical and Mental fitness. Walking is the easiest exercise to do and it has many more health benefits than you ever imagined. Walking is an instinctive form of locomotion among humans. Although it is just a moderate intensity exercise, but its effects on the body and mind are surprising. Some of the sportsperson who have been renowned for being active players even into their 40s have voiced out their support for walking. Especially the old people must walk quite a lot. It is an exercise that keeps them fit without leading to any strain on the body or potential risk of injuries.

Health benefits of walking for physical and mental fitness.

  • Walking helps to reduce weight : Walking daily promotes weight loss. Although the effects can be very slow to notice, but it gradually brings you back to shape.
  • Walking is great for your Muscular and Skeletal system. It keeps your bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles in good condition. Back pain is a common ailment among people. Well, Walking daily can help people to get rid of back pain and achieve good posture. The stresses on back, neck and spine are considerably less if you walk daily . Walking has also been found to prevent from bone diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Walking keeps the heart active and healthy. It is not as powerful as running but still it benefits your blood circulation. Walking has proved to balance blood pressure among people who have high or low blood pressure.
  • Benefits of walking for mental health : Now, it has been proven that walking daily improves coordination,cognition and memory capacity among people of all ages – from kids to the aged. Walking prevents brain diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative disorders. So, walking should be on your exercise regime as it will keep your brain healthy. You must noticed that walking on pleasant mornings with friends etc really lowers the stress we experience in our daily lives. Stress has major implications for our health but walking really puts the brakes on stress. People who are more prone to anxiety find relief from their trouble by walking.
  • Walking is a life saver for people with Diabetes. Studies have found that it not only relieves diabetes but also increases the life expectancy of everyone.

Walking is very much popular among some communities. Even you can plan out a schedule to go on regular hiking or rambling if you cannot go for walk daily. Kids can avail the health benefits of walking by walking to their school, if it is nearby.

Walking is not just limited to just plain walking and the health benefits. It has much more to offer. You can go for adventure activities like Nordic walking, mountain hiking and have fun. The scenic beauty, natural landscape and fresh breeze can really lift your spirits.

People who are not able to do high intensity exercise should try different forms of walking like brisk walking, backward walking and side walking. This stimulates the entire body and body becomes robust. In many places , it is popular to organize hiking events for fixed distances along known trails , like 2 miles , 5 miles , 10 miles , cross county etc. You can also participate in such events and walk along with many people. Barefoot walking is also considered to be a good way to enjoy walking daily.

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