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Health benefits of Yogurt. Dairy yogurt has many health benefits for us. A prominent advantage of Yogurt over all other milk products is that it is well tolerated by people who have lactose intolerance. So, people who are not able to digest milk well, can eat yogurt as a substitute. Yogurt is a very popular food item. It is eaten both fresh and frozen. There are many enticing recipes involving yogurt.

The remarkable health benefits of Yogurt .

  • Yogurt improves Colon health : Yogurt is one of the best colon cleansing foods. It is capable of keeping the colon and promoting regular bowel movement each day. In a way, it assists to relieve the symptoms of IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) , constipation and colitis. It also coats the intestine to prevent it from ulcers . These ulcers can be quite harmful, but yogurt saves you from this.
  • Yogurt boosts immune system of the body. It improves body’s disease fighting mechanism from within.
  • Yogurt is also potent in curbing diarrhea. Since diarrhea can bring about weakness quickly, yogurt helps to stem them and prevent further loss of body fluids.
  • Nutritional Value : Yogurt is a fine source of Protein. Moreover, the milk protein found in yogurt has a high percentage of absorb ability in the body. Yogurt also provides high amounts of iodine, calcium, B vitamins like B6 and B12. It provides the body with healthy bacteria ” probiotics ” which keep the gut healthy.
  • Yogurt for Weight Loss : A prominent weight loss and obesity organization has reported that yogurt has considerable effect on fat burning process of the body. Rarely do we come across foods that are proven to induce weight loss. The gist of the matter is that yogurt is good for weight loss and nutritious as well.
  • Yogurt is great for teenagers, growing people and women : The calcium provided by yogurt is well absorbed by the body. It helps the teenagers to grow properly . Secondly, as women age their body calcium starts to decline which can be replenished by eating yogurt more often.
  • People who eat yogurt regularly are generally quite healthy. This has led to the belief that yogurt can promote longevity. So much so that yogurt can help humans to easily live for more than 100 years , which is extremely rare. Still, yogurt can boost your age naturally.
  • Yogurt is one of the few sources of Vitamin B12 in diet. This vitamin is needed in very small amount by the body but it regulates important functions, particularly the nervous system. If you eat yogurt, the chance of getting B12 deficiency is reduced .

The popularity of yogurt among people can be seen by the number of firms making and selling packed yogurt. Other than this natural yogurt ( home grown ) and special varieties like Greek yogurt also have the same health benefits. The difference is in the extent of the health benefit.

Yogurt and honey has been valued by ancient cultures as being a great food.

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