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Home remedies for dry cough. It is a very persistent and nagging kind of cough. The excess dryness and sheer frequency of coughing irritates the respiratory tract even more and coughing increases in severity. One can use these home remedies for dry cough that curb it.

  • Honey : It is a well known remedy for any kind of cough. Honey is sweet and viscous. It feel nice and warming to the throat and reduces the frequency of coughing. NOTE : Do not feed it to babies.
  • Raisins : Grapes are renowned remedies for cough. In fact, many herbal medicine are made from grapes. However, for dry cough, raisins seem to work better. Just munch a few raisins in the mouth and let them soothe the throat.
  • Green tea : This regular tea is brilliant because it has numerous health benefits. Drink it few times a day to ease dry cough and irritation in throat.
  • Use a humidifier : This home remedy plays a big part. We mostly get affected with dry cough in winter months. A common observation is that winter months are very dry, with normal humidity levels low. In case of very low humidity, air becomes dry and irritating. A person who is having respiratory trouble feels discomfort in such an environment and then the process of coughing starts. It can be prevented by using a humidifier. This machine increases the humidity of the house to a level which does not irritate the throat. If you are having trouble at night and there isn’t a humidifier, try opening all the windows for natural ventilation to come in.
  • Drink water : Dry cough can worsen quickly if one does not drink water. So, go and warm some water. It should be slightly higher temperature than room temperature. Now, drink it. Keep doing this after every hour or so.
  • Think about something really delicious that you would love to eat : This thought process stimulates more production of saliva. It goes down the throat and reduces the irritation there.
  • Do not become anxious : When one becomes anxious and thinks about the cough, it can cause more coughing. The normal breathing changes and person may feel short of breath. Instead, try your best to relax, even in case of discomfort. Relaxing promotes deeper and heavier breathing. Try to suppress the cough slowly by exercising good control over breathing.

There are a lot of home remedies for cough, but all of them may not work in case of dry cough. If there is pain under ribs and other signs of respiratory disease , then one should promptly visit a doctor. There are some more remedies which can be quite powerful in alleviating cough, especially dry cough.

  • Holy basil tea : When you are making tea, put some holy basil leaves. It is a herb with fragrant leaves. It really helps in relieving a cough.
  • Almond paste : Grind some almonds and then apply a little butter over this paste. Eat it plain.
  • Black pepper : This is an excellent remedy for dry cough in children and adults. It tastes normal but creates less heat than chilli pepper.

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