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Home remedies for sore throat and pain for kids and adults . It can become quite a nuisance. Sore throat can be painful. However, there are some home remedies that you can use to quickly get over with a sore throat. Home remedies and herbs soothe the larynx and reduce the inflammation . Try these home remedies for sore throat.

  • Take lemon juice for sore throat : It has been found that Vitamin C can be effective against sore throat. You can drink lemon juice, lime juice or juice of any other citrus fruit. Another way to use lemon for sore throat is to make lemon tea. Lemon in combination with tea works even better on a sore throat.
  • Drink a Tablespoonful of Honey. This is a wonderful home remedy for sore throat and even cough. Honey naturally soothes the throat and quickly reduces the discomfort associated with soreness in throat. Try to take honey directly rather than mixing it up with lemon juice or tea. Kids really like honey , so you can give them honey for sore throat and cough.
  • Ginger is a natural remedy against sore throat. In some countries like USA and Canada, people drink ginger ale . It is a drink made with ginger and carbonated water that is effective against sore throat. You can take it as ginger tea. Take fresh ginger , ground it and add to your favorite tea.
  • Licorice root : This root is slightly sweet to taste when you chew it. Licorice root can be chewed directly. It helps to reduce the pain and soreness of throat. However, you should consult a doctor before taking licorice root because licorice root can raise blood pressure. Still, chewing small amount of licorice root can be the best defense mechanism against sore throat.
  • Take Sweet Condiments like Anise and Cinnamon. These two condiments taste sweet on chewing, just like licorice root. In fact, these condiments are one of the best home remedy for sore throat . They provide prompt relief from sore throat and swelling.
  • Drink more Water : This will help to keep the throat wet. Water makes it easier for phlegm to detach from the throat walls. This clears the throat and provides relief faster.
  • Echinacea : This is a herb that improves the immune system response of the body against pathogens that cause sore throat. It is a herb that has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties . Since sore throat is caused mostly by bacteria or virus, echinacea will surely speed up recovery.
  • Take food items that contain the dietary mineral zinc in them. Zinc seems to have some effect on sore throat. You can in fact get over a sore throat much quickly if you take such food items.

A sore throat begins with change in voice, hoarseness and discomfort in the throat. Slowly, it turns into pain and you have difficulty in swallowing. Sore throat is a very common problem and it can be taken care of by using home remedies for it. Besides these home remedies that are perfect for curing a sore throat, you can also get some relief by doing gargles of salt water. Lukewarm water which has salt in it works well for many people in case of sore throat.

You can also end a sore throat faster if you take adequate rest and sleep. It is not a matter of worry. Sore throat does not take much time to heal by itself. You can use home remedies for sore throat to minimize the pain in swallowing and ease the discomfort.

In case of severe throat pain you should consult a doctor. Sometimes, you may see swelling in the glands which requires medical care. Go to a doctor if there is visible swelling and tenderness on the neck.

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