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How can massage relieve stress ? Therapy that helps to balance tension . Massage is a practice done to relieve pain from the body . Massage has also been found capable of reducing stress in the body . It is a great way to relax the body and enjoy . The person who performs the massage is called a therapist . In different forms of massage , the therapist applies firm pressure using hands , fingers to put pressure on body parts . Massage has many benefits for people of all ages . Toddlers and the elderly people benefit a lot from massage . It helps to strengthen joints , muscles , promote movement and better blood flow throughout . Massage also reduces stress and tension in the body and mind . This fact has been proved by some researches done over the years . Massage can relieve stress through the following means .

  • Massage reduces pain : When we feel pain some where , it causes a forceful effect on the mind as well . We get distracted very often from work due to regular chronic body pain like back pain , neck pain , knee aches and headaches . Getting a massage regularly can help to better combat such body aches . Since these body pain aggravate mental stress as well , massage can counter it .
  • Massage has been found to directly lower the stress hormones in the body . Stress hormones are chemicals , like cortisol , that are secreted when the body gets stressed . They then cause adverse reactions throughout the body . Massage brings down cortisol levels in the blood . This clearly indicates that massage activity has a deep impact on the brain and the endocrine system . Since , the brain regulates the stress mechanism , massage works directly to reduce stress . Massaging the body also increases the amount of “feel good ” hormones in the blood that make us feel comforted and better .
  • Massage reduces anxiety in people who are prone to it . Anxiety has a correlation with high stress in the brain . So , getting a massage will keep you from becoming anxious quickly . This ultimately means that you are stress free most of the time .
  • After a massage , you sleep better . When we sleep comfortably for the right duration , it automatically lowers down stress on a daily basis . Sleep is the body’s best natural defense mechanism against things like stress . Those people who are not able to sleep properly due to stress , the troubles will keep compounding¬† . Massage can relieve stress from the muscles and joints in the body . Activities like twitching that disturb sleep can be minimized with massage . All of these factors contribute to lowering stress .
  • Depression is also a cause of mental stress . Massage helps to put depression away and subsequently , you feel better . The stress associated with a particular depression loosens its pressure .

Stress is part of our life and it can occur many times . We need to develop strategies to effectively cope with it , find solutions and get rid off stress . Massage can relieve stress , both physical and mental , consistently . Whatever the form of massage therapy you prefer , Indian head massage or stone message , find out which one is working the best for relieving your stress . Carry on with the massage therapy in your free time with a fixed weekly or monthly schedule .

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