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How long do cats live ? Indoor cats generally live up to 12 – 15 years . This is the average life expectancy of a household cat. But, the age of a cat also depends on many other things. Life of any animal depends on how healthy he/she is. Cats are perhaps the most domesticated animals by humans . Even in the ancient times, there are paintings and descriptions of people keeping cats as domestic. It is evident that life expectancy of a household cat is more than that of a wild cat.

Cats are meant to be domesticated and humans have been doing so since long. Cats that live in cozy and protected home environments have greater probability of living to their maximum age. On the contrary, jungle is a fierce place. In the outside world, there are many problems faced by cats.

  • Wild cats could live for 10 years or so . Cats in the wild face dangers from other cats, dogs and other creatures that are on top of the cat in the food chain. Sometimes, there could be shortage of food for cats in the jungle. Taking care of their kittens becomes a daunting task for cats and they generally get tired often. Moreover, there is human intervention to account for. A lot of animals get killed in accidents etc. However, I have noticed that cats are very clever and easily avoid any such matter. Still, living in the jungle obviously means more susceptible to diseases and threats. Cats may even live to as short as 6 years. But, in the wild , they exercise a lot. The skills of the cat are continuously refined which make it adept to hunting.
  • Domestic Cats : These are our pet cats. We care for them and their health. They are regularly taken to the veterinary doctor and also vaccinated. If a domestic cat is given enough exercise daily, it will stay healthy. There is a common problem with domestic cats. They get overweight and it negatively affects their life . So, take steps in order to keep your cats free from obesity. On the internet, you may hear from people about their cat living more than 20 years and some even to 30 years. This is a wonderful feat. It shows the efforts of the cat and the owner .
  • Life expectancy of cats also depends on the Species of the cat. There are many varieties of cats in the whole world. They all have slight differences and may live slightly more or even less than the average. Tabby cat is the most friendly cat .

How long do cats live also depends on what kind of food they are getting, their social and personal life and also sleep. Cats love to sleep.

If you determine a healthy diet for the cat living in your home , it can be healthier and gain fitness. Both of these contribute to the cat living longer and better.

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