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How much should I weigh for my age and height to stay Healthy . This question about ideal weight is pertinent for people of all ages . An ideal body weight is an indicator of good health . People who are underweight or obese are not considered fit. The basic criteria for judging ideal body weight for your age and height comes from the notion of Body Mass Index ( BMI ) . This index is a measure of thickness of the body . If you have a low BMI , then you are probably thin or skinny . If you lie on the other side of the healthy BMI range , it points out that you are obese . You can calculate your BMI using any standard calculator . Here are the ranges for BMI for adults ( male and female )  from which you can find out where you lie .

  • BMI less than  18.5   is Underweight . This may happen if you less muscle mass than normal people . Your body structure is probably lean and slender . Just put some flesh on your bones .
  • BMI lying between  18.5 to 25 is considered optimum weight for your height . People lying in this range have a convincing body shape and dimensions .
  • BMI greater than 25  and less than 30 is Overweight . Lying in this range is not much of a problem . If you are able to perform most physical activities comfortably , there is no need to worry . However , you can exercise to shed some weight and fall in the Normal range .
  • BMI greater than 30 is considered Obese . Your body has excess of deposited fat . Falling in the obesity zone may cause serious health risks at a later stage . Take steps to lower your weight .

These ranges are valid only for men and women who have crossed teenage . The ideal weight for kids is estimated in a different manner . Since kids continuously grow in height , there can be no one fixed BMI chart . For children , the technique that is adopted is thus.  A representative sample of kids of same gender and same age are taken . Then their BMI are calculated using the same formula. Those kids whose BMI percentile is less than 5 percentile are underweight. Those with percentile greater than 95 are obese for their age and height . You can read more about how much should i weigh here ( ) .

To remain healthy, one’s body weight must be such that the BMI falls in the normal range or the normal percentile . Body weight  depends on factors like genetics , metabolism and diet . If you are not in the normal range of BMI , you must alter your diet and calorie intake to fall in that range. A healthy body weight normally corresponds to an attractive body physique . Having a good built provides strength and confidence . You can also consult a doctor if you are obese or underweight . This may help you to detect the real cause of the unhealthy weight .

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