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How much sugar per day ( in grams ) is the daily recommended  intake ?  The total quantity of processed sugars that we must take is limited . For healthy living, many reputed societies and organisations have provided a guideline on how much sugar per day is appropriate. Here are the recommended daily intake values of sugar for different classes of people ( not including fruits ). This much sugar per day is healthy. These are the values for a normal healthy person .

  • Sugar for Adults : The maximum daily intake of sugars should be 32-37 gm for a 2000 calorie diet for men . The recommended value of sugar for women is 25 gm for a 2000 calorie diet . As your calorie intake increases , the recommended value of sugar also increases . If you eat more , then you can take more amount of sugar as well .
  • Sugar for Kids : The recommended value for kids is 12 gm per day. For teenagers this value lies between 12 gm and 25 gm . Teens who have acne should limit the consumption of sugars . Simple sugars have a high glycemic index so they can cause pimples . To control acne outbursts , vegetables like sweet potatoes can be eaten . Your goal should be to eat more of complex carbohydrates .
  • Sugar for Elderly : The aged people should lower their sugar intake as their physical activity reduces . The lesser we work our body, the lesser amount of sugar we must eat to stay away from diseases that result from excess sugar intake.

There are some very important points to know related to daily sugar intake .

  •  The sugars that we have to limit are processed sugars . These are found in processed food, beverages and including the sugar we add to eatables. It does not include natural sugars that are found in fruits. Natural sugars benefit the body.
  • Our brain needs a certain amount of sugar to keep working properly. If we are low on sugar , the brain will reduce its activity and we feel sleepy and inactive. So, the daily sugar intake must be sufficient to keep the brain working in optimal condition.
  • People who perform bodybuilding exercises should take slightly more sugar because they shed more calories.
  • To calculate the amount of sugar you take per day , keep track of sugar content of processed food and drinks. It is written on the label . Add this to the quantity of teaspoons of sugar you take like in tea or coffee .
  • The quantity of sugar eaten per day should be limited to prevent oneself from diseases like diabetes and obesity. To start weight loss and bring your body weight in the normal range, one must eat lots of fruits and vegetables.


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