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How to get Mucus out of your Throat : Home remedies ? There are some foods that can clear mucus out of your throat all by themselves. Mucus , also known as phlegm, sputum is produced naturally in the throat and lungs. When we go out in polluted areas, or where there are particles and dust, our respiratory system traps them in the mucus. This mucus thus grows in size . Body naturally creates an urge to expel this phlegm. This maintains the natural cleaning and defense mechanism of lungs. But, sometimes it becomes tough to get rid of mucus. This can happen if you have cold or cough.

Try these wonderful home remedies to get mucus out of your throat fast naturally.

  • Eat Fennel seeds after your meal. This is a remarkable home remedy that helps to expel mucus. And it works even better if you chew the fennel seeds just after your meal. Fennel seeds are also a home remedy for dry cough . Fennel seeds are sweet to taste when you chew them. The juice secreted by fennel has many other health benefits as well. It is the best remedy to get rid of mucus, and is easily available.
  • Honey is the best alternative to fennel. You may be surprised to find that honey is used to get mucus out of throat because honey is quite viscous. Honey is a good remedy in case of cough. It eases up the pressure by detaching the phlegm clinging tightly to throat walls.
  • Some chillies like cayenne pepper and chilli pepper are also useful in this case. Many people find that peppers do the job for them. More so, many ancient books too state that peppers are potent to get mucus out of throat.
  • Some people keep eating citrus fruits when they have excess phlegm. Well, that actually works. Citrus fruits are capable to help you expel phlegm out from the throat. Moreover, citrus fruits like lime, lemon and oranges are eaten for speedy recovery from cough.
  • Start humming songs to yourself. Humming or singing songs coaxes the throat to release the phlegm.
  • You can also train your body to expel phlegm properly. It takes some practice. Once you learn how to master it, you can easily get rid of mucus out of the throat. How to do this ? Manipulate your chest breathing in such a way that you separate phlegm from the throat. Then expel air out through your nose at high velocity. You can also spit out phlegm through your mouth as well, if you practice.
  • Doing gargles with salt in lukewarm water is a popular home remedy for clearing the throat off mucus.

Mucus is produced in the air passage due to many diseases and medical conditions. If the home remedies above cannot control phlegm production and you experience difficulty in breathing, it is best to consult a doctor. Babies are quite susceptible to cold and cough. If they are showing excess mucus or coughing, doctor’s help is needed because baby cannot take a home remedy. Although kids can start to use these home remedies and find out at an early age what works best for them.

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