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How to get rid of bed bugs ? They are pests that infest our houses. Bed bugs bite without notice and cause skin rashes. In order to get rid of bed bugs at home, you need to take many steps. The process takes time, so you start it on a holiday or when you have time off. The task of catching, killing and exterminating the bed bugs requires a lot of work to be done within the home. So, you can take the help of other family members to get on with the task.

The methods described here are all natural methods and do not require harmful chemicals to be used at any stage. Bed bugs are stubborn and resistant to chemicals because of evolution. They can be completely cleaned up through a comprehensive approach. Once you have gotten over with all the bed bugs and their eggs in the house, the remaining work is to maintain cleanliness, order and hygiene in the house.

Before starting the steps to eradicate bed bugs from home , you should know about bed bugs. They are parasites that feed on blood, mainly human and animal blood. That is why bed bugs are found on the bed, under the bed and nearby furniture, dressing tables, drawers, mattresses and even walls. They prefer warm moist environment and can easily remember their paths. To get rid of bed bugs at home naturally, perform these steps.

  • Clean the whole house with Vacuum Cleaner : Become more deft at using the vacuum cleaner and clean everything in your house. Use it to clean susceptible areas more closely. Take out the furniture from its original location and uncover bedding sheets and sleep mattresses. This gives you enough room for cleaning properly. Also clean out the cracks in walls and furniture with the Vacuum cleaner. Dispose off the contents of the cleaner in a sealed bag at a far off location .
  • Apply Heat ( using Steam ) and Cold : Bed bugs cannot bear hot temperatures and freezing temperatures. Attach a pipe to an electric kettle and generate steam. Spray this steam over the bed, furniture and sheets etc. This will kill the bed bugs and eggs that were left over by vacuum cleaner. Do these steps in the night once again as bed bugs are much more active in the night. Do not just spray steam once, do it over and over again on the affected areas for maximum output.
  • Apply a paste of Diatomaceous Earth over the furniture to dehydrate the items. This is a kind of soil that reduces moisture. You can also use dry ice for spraying on the clothes and furniture. Dry ice is pretty effective in killing the bed bugs, even in wall cracks.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water, then sun dry them. After they are properly dried, iron all the clothes well. This should take care of bed bugs in clothes and bed sheets.
  • Plug all the cracks and opening in walls and furniture. Use strong adhesive and repair cracks in furniture. Also get the plaster cracks mended.

After you have done all the cleaning processes, most of the bed bugs may have been killed. Bed bugs should now be prevented from entering your home from other locations. They can enter your house from someone’s items, clothes, luggage etc. Even if you go for travel, properly clean all the items when you come back. Use the simple steps described above for gaining control over the pests.

Even after so much effort, sometimes bed bugs may appear again. The global occurrence of bed bugs in house has witnessed a surge lately. In such a case, you can take the service of a pest control company . They can use sealing clothes with tapes to catch bed bugs, take help of well trained sniff dogs who can find out bed bugs or finally take more rigorous steps. These are the ways to get rid of bed bugs that are resistant to your efforts. They can also help to get rid of bed bugs fast.

If the bed bugs keep coming, you should dismember your bed and clean it vigorously. Please share your experiences that you have about fighting the bed bugs.

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