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How to make a Diaper Cake for a baby shower : Step by Step. It is a cake like structure made out of diapers. Diaper Cakes are gifted to women who have recently become moms or are going to be moms. Diaper cake is a nice gift for a Baby Shower party. But, buying a diaper cake can get expensive. Firstly, diaper cakes are priced high and there are also the shipping costs that add up. So, why not you try to make our own homemade diaper cake and gift that one. A handmade diaper cake looks pretty cool and it has the touch of your personal creativity. Judging by the designs and shapes of diaper cakes we see in the market, it may seem that it is tough to make a Diaper Cake yourself.You can check more baby shower ideas here .

It is really very easy to make a diaper cake yourself. With some creativity, colorful material and gifts, you can prepare a very nice diaper cake for gifting a mom and her baby.

Steps to make a Diaper Cake yourself .

  • The Diaper : A Diaper cake is made up of diapers. It is the basic building block of a diaper cake. All you have to do is to roll a diaper and put two rubber bands across it. You can either keep the roll Tight or Loose. Tight roll gives the cake stability and strong look. Loose rolls make the cake look fluffier.
  • Now, you have to make Layers of the diaper cake. Suppose we go for a 3 Layer diaper cake.
  • Top Layer : Make the top layer in this manner. Place a diaper roll in center such that rubber band is in horizontal plane. Then stand 6 more rolls on its circumference and tie the 7 roll formation with a sturdy rubber band. If you feel that rubber band is fragile, add more rubber bands.
  • Middle Layer : The middle layer is prepared in this manner. First, make a layer identical to the Top Layer. Now add 14 to 16 more diapers around it. Tie the entire 20 odd roll Layer with rubber bands.
  • Bottom Layer : For making the bottom layer, make a layer just like the middle layer. Once you have duplicated this layer, add around 32 diapers all around the circumference of the inner circle. Tie all these diapers together with elastic rubber bands.
  • Base of the Diaper Cake : You can use cardboard or an aluminum sheet. If you are using aluminum sheet, use a file to round up the edges as the edges of cut aluminum sheet will be sharp. If you want a glittering look for the base, you can use glitter paper. For a soft feel, use velvet paper.
  • Joining the Layers : Place the bottom layer on the Base. Insert a wooden stick or rod through the center of the Base Layer. Now, keep the Middle layer in your hand and slowly slide it down the central stick. Do this for the Top Layer as well. Select a stick size such that it does not come up and above the top layer. If it does, then you can get even more creative and attach a tiny bell on top of it. A bell makes a nice sound and baby loves to play with it.

There you go, a custom Home Made Diaper Cake is ready in minutes. Touch Up Work : Now you can begin inserting ( or hiding ) small gifts in the Diaper cake. After you are done with that, tie some good looking ribbons of various colors around each layer. After that, wrap the whole diaper cake in a transparent sheet to protect it.

So, you have a made a beautifully crafted , personally designed Diaper Cake that you can gift to your friend on Baby Shower event. If you are a little geeky, then I have a nice idea for you.

You can make a Rotating Diaper Cake with beautiful LED lights in it and also add sound to it. So, the Diaper Cake becomes a toy. It is not too expensive. All you have to use is a small DC motor, pencil cells and some LED lights or multiple colors.

Diaper cakes can also be made in the shape of tricycle, motorcycle, swings, and four wheelers. There are some diaper cake designs without using the rolls. Experiment and use your creativity to make it suitable for baby boy or girl.

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