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How to make your hair grow faster. For people whose scalp hair grow slower than they wish, it can be a constant trouble. Long and full hair are considered a symbol of beauty and health. It enhances your looks and makes you feel good about yourself. But, it takes quite a lot of effort to make your hair grow faster. It takes some time to bring your body into the state at which hair grow faster and that too with diet and natural substance only.

How to make your hair grow faster naturally. These are some tips to help you get your desired length of hair.

  • Start eating more Protein : Our hair is made up of protein. Unless you eat a good amount of protein each day, hair may not grow as fast as you want. Try to take protein from a number of sources – animal protein, milk protein and vegetable protein from soybeans etc. If you increase your protein consumption quickly, then body may take it adversely. Increase your protein intake at a constant rate.
  • Eat more food : Our body has energy requirements. If our body is running low on energy, it will surely direct that energy for complex, important activities. So, processes like hair growth, nail growth may slow a lot. If you are dieting or eating very few calories, then it is not easy to make your hair grow faster. You need to take more carbohydrates like potatoes, whole grains and also take some fat as well.
  • Importance of fat intake for faster hair growth . Many of the vitamins in our body are fat soluble. It means, a proper amount of fat is needed to dissolve these vitamins and store them in the body. So, you should take more fat in diet. Only thing you need to avoid is saturated fat. Read the labels on food products to find out their fat content and plan out a diet which has a balanced amount of fat for you. Any deficiency of a vitamin may hamper your hair growth efforts.
  • Eliminate nutrition deficiencies through a balanced diet. When we eat a balanced diet, we get proper amount of amino acids, B complex vitamins, Iron and Zinc which have a prominent role to play in hair growth mechanism. Balanced diet also provides with all the other vitamins and minerals as well.
  • Massage your hair regularly with a good hair oil. You may experience faster hair growth after applying hair oil. It nourishes the hair and promotes speedy hair growth. Secondly, a massage with hair oil stimulates blood flow in the scalp which helps to make your hair grow faster. Choose a hair oil that is suitable for your hair type. Hair oils that are rich in Vitamin E work best to grow hair faster and longer. The best hair oils that are popular are coconut oil, almond oil and Indian gooseberry( amla ) oil. Using all these tips should give both men and women longer hair in just month.

You need to take good care of your hair. Then hair will respond by growing longer and fast. With due course of time, you can get thick, lustrous hair . Also comb your hair gently from the scalp. This keeps your worked up and looking great.

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