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How to unfreeze an iPod when it has frozen. Sometimes, iPod freezes and does not respond. It can be a very frustrating thing. However, there are many tricks and techniques to unfreeze an iPod, be it iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle or iPod classic all varieties. One of the ways to achieve this is a Reset. These are functions which are created to reset the device. However, one can do many more things before attempting a reset to unfreeze an iPod.

Things to do when your ipod freezes and doesn’t respond.

  • Connect your ipod to iTunes : Do this if it is not already connected to iTunes. The device will try to establish connectivity with iTunes and sync. This will normally unfreeze an ipod and it will be back in use.
  • Another way to unfreeze an ipod is to charge it. Connect the ipod to computer and see if it responds. If it doesn’t , then disconnect it. Allow the battery to get discharged. After the battery has fully discharged, plug in the iPod back into the computer. You may find your iPod working fine.

If none of these tips work, then one would have to do a hard reset of the ipod.
First, let us look at how to reset the iPod Shuffle

  • Disconnect the iPod from iTunes.
  • Also remove the iPod from Computer.
  • Now, drag switch to an off position. You would notice that the green color is not visible in this position.
  • Now, keep the switch in this position for 10 seconds ( although it can work in 5 seconds, but a longer time improves the efficiency of this method ).
  • Turn on the switch.

For the frozen iPod Nano :
Press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously and Hold it in this manner. Keep holding till the screen goes dark. Now, after some time the Apple logo would appear. This method works for the 7 th generation iPod. For previous generations, just hold the Sleep/Wake button with Volume down button.

How to unfreeze iPod Touch :
The technique which is used in iPod Nano 7th Generation works for iPod Touch as well.

For the previous models of iPod Nano ( upto the 5th generation ) and the iPod Classic which have the Click Wheel, hard reset is done in this manner.

  • First reset the Hold button by making it ON and then OFF.
  • Now, what you need to do is to hold the Menu button and the Select buttons together. One may experience difficulty in holding the Select button , then place it plat on one palm and do the reset using the other hand’s fingers.

It may be difficult to reset the Click Wheel devices, but one can accomplish it with a few tries.

Electronic gadgets are generally prone to such problems. Many things can be tried to unfreeze them. Hope your iPod gets unfreezes after following these steps. If it still doesn’t , then there is one last thing to check.

Tip : If the hard reset doesn’t work, then maybe the battery is not charged. Try it again after plugging in the charger.

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