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How to write a screenplay ? So, you have the idea for a movie or a play and you want to write the screenplay for it. The script of a movie or just a take is the heart of the shot. It is what describes how the shot will be taken, the dialogues of the actors, facial expressions and many other aspects. A screenplay is the complete manual for each and every shot to be taken in the movie. This is a tedious job and it also requires creativity. Before starting a screenplay outright, read some resources on how to write screenplay. You can get a fairly good idea how screenplay is written by reading any play. Just like a play has Acts and Scenes, similarly in a script we have Scenes and Shots.

What is the correct approach to start writing a movie script ? Before we go into the drafting techniques, it is necessary to adopt an approach. This helps you as a screenwriter to establish your own style of conveying the story. After all, script writer is the person who turns a story into a movie. Imagination paves the way for better screenwriting. First read the entire story or novel on which to base the movie script. Then imagine it in your head. Then all you have to do is pen down what you visualize.

Once you have fragmented the story idea into individual scenes, it is time to start writing the screenplay. For each individual scene, the script must describe the following aspects.

  • Title of the scene.
  • Dialogue: What conversation goes on between the characters in the story, and how they will deliver it. You can also include facial expressions as well.
  • Setting for the scene : Where will the scene take place.
  • Introduction to each scene before the dialogue.
  • Action : What the characters will do or perform in the scene.

How to write the Outline of a Screenplay : This is the Introduction to movie. So, it must have a Preface section. Then Introduce the characters. After that number all scenes in a the right sequence. This is the index of the scenes in the film, which works as a handy reference for the director and other persons involved in the making of the film.

After the Outline comes the Synopsis. This is the gist of the story in a single page. It essentially underlines the concept in the story and not the whole story in total.

After the Synopsis , you can include a Treatment in the Script. It is a larger summary, running swiftly through the scenes and activities that occur in the story.

This makes a whole lot of work. But, you can arrange all these papers properly by looking at some of the already written scripts on the internet. Consulting with an experienced person who remains involved with movie making can also benefit your aspirations to write a script. Proper formatting of the screenplay according to industry conventions makes the script better.

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