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Is Hummus good for you ? Hummus is a dish which contains chickpeas mixed with tahini and olive oil. The chickpeas are cooked and then mashed. They are then mixed with tahini, which is a dip made from sesame seeds. Finally, olive oil is poured over the mixture in moderation. Hummus is mainly used as a dip for bread and other eatables. Hummus is quite common in Middle East countries. There, many varieties of hummus are prepared. It is thus an indispensable part of Middle East cuisine.

Hummus is a recipe that has some nice health benefits.

  • Hummus has a very nice balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats. The three major ingredients – chickpea, sesame seeds and olive oil blend together to form a well balanced recipe.
  • Hummus with Bread is a complete protein : Few foods are complete proteins in vegetarian cuisine. Hummus is one of them. A complete protein diet is the one which contains all the nine essential amino acids in proper digestible proportions. Hummus eaten with bread improves health and reduces deficiency of amino acids, if any. Amino acids play a very important part in our health and their deficiency can lead to a number of disorders in the body.
  • Hummus contains healthy fats, mainly coming from olive oil use in it. Hummus therefore provides mostly unsaturated fat and essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids improve brain health and provide vital strength to body cells. It is the kind of fat that is beneficial to the body.
  • Hummus does not have any sugar and most of the carbohydrates in it are complex carbs. So, it provides you energy slowly, evenly distributed over a longer period of time.
  • This recipe is full of nutrients like iron and vitamin C. Iron itself is well absorbed in combination with vitamin C and hummus naturally has this combination. Hummus can be eaten by anemic people to improve their condition.

These are some of the health benefits of home made hummus. However, market products of hummus may contain differences in nutrients. Carefully look at the product label to find out its nutrient composition. It may contain less of nutrients and more of salt. Hummus is mainly sold in global markets as packaged dip. This is used as a spread on bread, fish and other common foods. But, you must be cautious not to overeat hummus. The fat content in hummus is high, even though it is only unsaturated or healthy fat. If you eat more hummus, there are chances of weight gain.

Hummus is good for you if it is taken in small quantities. Since the only problem that can arise due to over consumption is caused by olive oil, you can replace it with something else. This brings us to healthy hummus recipes, where the chickpea and sesame seed paste are the same, but you substitute olive oil for any other ingredient, like tomato sauce, yogurt etc. You can add spices to your home made hummus to enhance its taste and quality.

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