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Jobs with a Communications Degree : What all careers that you can do ? There is a huge list of potential jobs that you can take after a degree in Communications. Students of this field can work in nearly all the industries. All firms need to deal with public and other representatives , and therefore Communications experts are sought for. However, you have the option to choose the right career for yourself out of the vast pool of jobs available. These are some of the highest paying jobs you can do after a Communications degree.

  • Interpreter : This is a job in which you will be required to translate a language into another language. In business conversations and government communications, there is need to properly interpret the statements of foreign delegates. With a Communications degree, you can easily get a job as an Interpreter or a Translator.
  • A Public Relations ( PR )Expert : In-corporations pay heavily to manage their public image and reputation. The same goes with celebrities, actors, singers and other popular people. You can be hired by them to become their public relations expert-one that manages and handles their dealing with the public.
  • Advertising Expert : Companies spend millions of dollars in advertisements . They really want to get the desired return on such a huge investment. People with a degree in Communications degree are generally raked in to perform the adequate research on advertisements. You will be required to assist in ad development to achieve the set task objective. Specialization in Mass communication, media studies and usage of TV, Radio and Internet is obviously a positive factor in yours getting this kind of job.
  • Become An Actor : Yes, really a Communications degree is a great support for a budding actor. Since you are well versed with communication and speaking, becoming an actor may be an excellent choice. It is a creative work, you get the chance to do what you want and it is very paying as well. Consider this option if you have the desire to show up on the big screen and work in Hollywood.
  • University Professor : After getting a Masters in Communications field, follow it up with a Doctoral degree and you can become a University professor. This job is good because it is quite paying.
  • As a Audio Visual Display assistant for Television Channels and Websites. This job will also require you to have knowledge of computers and online communication.
  • Consultants in various industries namely Telecommunication firms, News companies and Magazines. This career is quite good and you can rise up the ranks to become Senior Consultant of any organization.

Communications is a very flexible and versatile field. This opens up many career options for Communications graduates with a nice salary . The jobs with a Communications degree that I have discussed above are some of the best and most popular. But, this list is not the complete list of all career options that are available to graduates of communications. The jobs that you can apply for depend on your level of education, that is whether your degree is a bachelors in communication , or masters in communication . You can choose from a number of specializations within Communications, which have their own career options. Some of them are Media Studies, Mass Communications, Rhetorical studies, Satellite communications, graphic communications , Broadcast communications etc.  Based on your chosen specialization, you can opt for more select and specific jobs in this industry. These specific jobs are generally more paying than the jobs you can take after a graduate degree.

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