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Low Iron Symptoms In Men , Women and Kids : Anemia. Deficiency of dietary iron in blood can cause a whole lot of symptoms. Many of them are faint but some may be prominent. Symptoms of low iron in the body can be different for kids and adults. Even among adults, the signs of low iron count can be different in women and men. Iron deficiency in blood causes a disease called Anemia, and most of the symptoms are characteristic of this disease. Although Anemia can be caused by other disorders, the most common cause of Anemia is Iron Deficiency.

These are the most prominent low iron symptoms in adults ( both men and women ) :

  • Feeling Short of breath most of the times. This symptom is not a healthy sign, particularly if you are obese. Shortness of breath can be caused by low iron concentration in blood. Iron is required by the body to make red blood cells. These are the blood cells that contain hemoglobin. This substance helps to take oxygen from air and carry oxygen throughout the body. Thus, a person having low iron will produce lesser red blood cells and will thus stay short on oxygen. Many other symptoms manifest because of this lack of oxygen.
  • Symptoms in the mind : Due to iron deficiency, people start to lose their concentration. Dizziness is common and because of this, person may find difficult to maintain balance. The mind may become grumpy and people may also start to lose interest in certain things.
  • General and continuous fatigue : Anemic people may feel weak throughout the day, or for most parts of the day. However, this is not a characteristic symptom of anemia or low iron levels in blood. It can be caused by many other disorders as well.
  • Looks Pale : A person with low iron levels generally looks pale. There may be a pale, yellowish tinge on the face and skin. Sometimes, even dark circles under the eyes could be caused by iron deficiency.
  • Other symptoms that may be caused by iron deficiency are – loss of appetite, angina, tinnitus ( ringing sound in the ears ), anxiety, hair loss, brittle hair and nails.

Angina being a symptom of low iron in blood is indicative of the fact that anemia too can develop complications. If you have these symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor.

In Women, iron deficiency could become severe quickly. Women require more iron when they are expecting a baby, so if food does not have enough iron, a deficiency can occur quickly. There may be the above mentioned symptoms as well other symptoms like giddiness, acing legs, cold hands and feet that do not get warm quickly and frequent infections.

Anemia can also happen to kids. They develop symptoms like fuzziness, slower growth, milestones like walking,talking come late and there is weaker grasping power.

Iron is a very important dietary mineral and it is important that our diet contains enough of iron. It is known that Vitamin C helps in iron absorption, so try to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C along with Iron rich foods. Dark green leafy vegetables and meat are good sources of iron.

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