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Lower back pain relief : Exercises, Stretching and Home Remedies for it. If you have lower back pain and /or stiffness, it is better to consult a doctor. After the examination, if it comes out to be just the pain only, there are some home remedies that can help you to recover quickly. But, there are two important things to consider regarding back pain. Firstly, you need to take up a strategy for tackling back pain. Secondly, eat a healthy diet .

Make two separate strategies. One for providing you immediate relief from back pain, that is within a couple of days. The other strategy should be targeted at long term improvement in back pain/stiffness and complete relief from this nagging problem. You can employ these methods for lower back pain relief .

For Prompt Relief from Backache and lower back stiffness.

  • Sleep properly : For the first few days that you start experiencing lower back pain and stiffness, sleep in a pose that gives you the greatest relief. We sleep for a major portion of the day, that is about 7 to 8 hours, so it is beneficial if you sleep in a better way. Do not wake for late hours in the night as this puts excessive pressure and stress on the mind and body.
  • Drink Relaxing Teas : I think it can be quite helpful to drink chamomile tea as it is very soothing. Chamomile tea improves mood and lowers down stress ( that may be occuring because of any reason ) . Reduced stress leads to lesser pressure on the back muscles. Also, keep drinking more water than regular. It prevents you from any possible dehydration. Less water in the body can worsen back ache .
  • Rest and Heat Treatment : Prompt lower back pain relief can be achieved by applying heat to the back. Since you feel the pain and stiffness, it is better if you apply warm cloth yourself to the affected areas. Take adequate rest but not too much rest. Move your body while exerting minimum pressure on the back. If the weather is too hot, rather use ice or cold presses. This is because using heat treatment in hot weather is not comfortable.

After you have gotten prompt relief from lower back pain, it is time to adopt a strategy so that it stays at bay. There are some exercises, stretching and other methods that can really be supportive. Home remedies for long term relief from back pain.

  • Do stretching exercises : One of the best forms of stretching exercises are Yoga postures. Yoga contains around 84 basic poses ( asanas ) , so you can try doing any of these that actually benefit in your lower back problems. But be careful, yoga exercises are tough and they can even harm your muscles. Yoga should be performed under qualified guidance.
  • Go for running : If have experienced that running is a simple yet very powerful exercise. It helps you to stay in shape, have strong abdominal and back muscles and have good blood circulation. It supports the visceral muscles ( the core muscles ) and thus makes your back have better muscles.
  • Regular massage : This therapy includes the use of aromatic oils to give massage to the body. Back massage is one of the effective methods to ease out lower back pain. You can also rub olive oil on the back and spine and it gives relief besides making the skin healthy.

Lower back pain can manifest in several forms. You may have sudden pain sometimes and for some other people, lower back pain is chronic, persistent pain. It all starts with back stiffness, and this is when you must act.People who work in offices, sitting most of the time are prone to developing back pain. Make sure you have good chairs and work comfortably. Eat a variety of things every day so that your body gets enough nutrition . Try to stay energetic and you will notice that the lower back pain subsides or even better, completely vanishes in a few weeks. It is common knowledge that women experience drop in calcium levels as they age. So, they must eat a diet quite rich in calcium.

And one more thing. Sleep on a good mattress that is not taxing on your back. It should be firm so that your back doesn’t sink in.

Stay healthy and take care . :)

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