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Metaphor examples for kids. Metaphor is a type of figure of speech that is used to compare two otherwise unrelated objects. Metaphor and Simile are two of the most commonly used Figure of Speech. Metaphor is used by all of us . It is used to assign the qualities of a thing to another thing. Simile is also a method of comparing two objects . Then what is the difference between a Simile and a Metaphor .

The difference between a simile and a metaphor is crystal clear. When you use Simile , it is said in this way .

A is like B . ( A and B  can be anything ) .

In case of a metaphor metaphor, you go a step further and say-

A is B.

The usage shows that metaphor is a stronger and more vivid form of comparison than a Simile. There are many common phrases in our normal day to day language that involve the use of metaphors. Here are some examples of metaphor.

  • He has the gait of a lion . In this sentence, he is said to possess the walk of a lion. If instead , a simile were to be used, the sentence would be – He walks like a lion. You can clearly notice that the comparison is more powerful in case of a metaphor.
  • She is feeling blue . Emotion is blue in color.
  • All the world is a stage ( from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It ). Shakespeare’s use of metaphor here is clear.
  • He is a wall in front of troubles.
  • William is a sheep . The sentence is used to compare William to a sheep and may indicate the William is meek as a sheep.
  • Go, dig out some evidence. The detective is came out with some evidence, but to highlight his efforts, the word ” dig ” is used.
  • You light up my life. Here, life is considered something like a candle, lamp etc that has been lit by the coming of “You “.

The origin of the word ” Metaphor ” is quite a history. It comes from a Greek word which means “to bear ” . Metaphors are not just limited to  plain metaphors. There are many more ways in which metaphors are used .

We can find metaphors easily in poems. Poets use these figures of speech as devices to convey their idea. They also act as strong forms of speech and kindle the imagination. Metaphor is a great tool . However, in our daily language usage, we use it quite a lot. Some metaphors are imbibed in common sentences, phrases, idioms and quotes that we generally know. So, if you are teaching your kids about metaphors, the examples are quite evident in day to day common talks.

Metaphor is also used in visuals and pictures. Even a painting, a drawing etc can be considered a metaphor. This kind of a metaphor is called a Visual Metaphor.

They are good tools for a writer and help him/her produce content that has more visual power. That way, readers are much more engrossed in the subject matter and story turns out to be clearer and vivid.

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