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Mini Triathlon Distances, Training Schedule and Events. You must be knowing about a Triathlon. It is a sequential event in participants have to complete three endurance events. The commonly used ones are Swim, Bike and Run. Triathlon is a very grueling activity and it requires a lot of training and monitoring to be able to compete in an Olympic sized triathlon. Because of this, Triathlon is divided into 5 types. Now, we have 5 types of triathlons – each with a different distances so that people can participate in an event of their choice.

So, What is a Mini Triathlon ? A mini triathlon is the shortest in distances in comparison to all the other types of Triathlon. It is the easiest to complete and people who are trying to become athletes can participate in it. The distances used in mini triathlon vary slightly because of the space and availability in the venue where it is to be conducted. Mini Triathlons are the form of triathlons that are conducted in cities , like in Sydney, London, Melbourne etc. That is because cities have less free space available and a mini triathlon is an ideal event. Any healthy person can really compete in a traithlon event by just training for a month or two. This gives beginner athletes a good platform to test out their mettle in an event they can tackle early on.

Mini Triathlon Distances : The generally used mini triathlon distances are

Swim : Quarter Mile swimming length.
Bike Ride for 6.2 Miles.
Run for 1.5 Miles.

There is another version of mini triathlon called the Sprint Triathlon. It is an international type standard event with exact distances. These are the distances in a Sprint event.

Swim : 0.47 Mile
Bike : 12 Mile
Run : 3.1 Mile

Sprint Triathlon requires much more training than a simple Mini triathlon. As a beginner, you can try and participate in the mini triathlon event that may be taking in your city or nearby.  To compete in larger and more challenging triathlons, it is advised to go through a rigorous training schedule designed specifically for triathlon aspirants.

Triathlon Training Schedule : It is simple process to train for triathlon. The most popular form of training schedule is to swim daily, bike for 30 minutes and then run for 20 minutes continuously. These three things should be done in succession. When this same exercise is repeated for eight weeks, the athlete becomes accustomed to this form of event and he or she can take part in a Mini Triathlon without any difficulty. Training is important to ensure that the person does not risk his / her body . In any case, mini triathlon is also a demanding track and field event and you can get excessive fatigue or even injury.

Mini Triathlon is custom built for beginners. If you want to begin a career in triathlon, then mini triathlon is the first step in the ladder to a professional career.

Even if you are not thinking about becoming a professional athlete, mini triathlons is an excellent event to participate into. It is fun and helps your body to become more active and athletic. It is great for men and women both.

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