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Natural Laxatives for women, children and adults. Laxatives are substances that help to make stool soft and easy to pass. Laxatives are generally taken to relieve constipation or to lose some weight. Natural laxatives are healthy and provided by nature, so they do not stress the body. Any food that can be treated as a laxative is one that helps the person in achieving a smooth and easy bowel movement. The stool should be of fine consistency, not too hard and not too sticky. There are many natural food, juices and herbs that are excellent laxatives.

Best natural laxatives from food sources and herbs:

  • Eating Bran : It is a food that has naturally high amount of dietary fiber in it. Eating bran regularly generally helps to get relief from constipation. It can be made tastier by adding things you like and it is also quite healthy.
  • Prune Juice : The thick juice of prune fruit is one of the best natural laxatives. It really helps to soften the stool and help it all to pass the body.
  • Black strap Molasses : It is also a thick viscous liquid that acts as a natural laxative. It is the residue liquid left after most of the sugar has been extracted from sugarcane juice. It is also provides excellent nutrition, being high in some vitamins and in some minerals.
  • Walnuts : Eating walnuts too has a laxative effect on the colon. It helps to pass the stool.
  • Dried Figs taken with milk : This combination works for some people. It is a mild natural laxative combination.
  • Guava : This fruit when eaten with the seeds is also a potent laxative. Besides being a natural laxative, it is also a colon cleanser and helps to keep the large intestine clean.
  • Milk is also a good laxative. So, if someone is having problems with defecation, milk can be of help. For some people, even coffee has a mild laxative effect and soothes the bowel.
  • Chicken broth can act as a natural laxative in some people. It is particularly good for children.
  • Okra is a vegetable that is known to support healthy bowel movement. It contains a slippery substance called mucilage. This liquid can be taken in diet by eating okra pods raw. It is also known by the name Lady Finger. Okra should be taken regularly and then it can clearly show its benefits for overall digestion.
  • Among the herbs, parsley is particularly effective as a natural laxative.

Besides these foods and herbs that have a laxative effect, there are two other natural substances which are more powerful laxatives. They are Aloe Vera and Castor oil. They should be used with caution. Castor oil works as a laxative even if a few drops of it are taken with some base liquid, like juice or milk. Castor oil should always be diluted a lot and even then, only a few drops of it should be added. Castor oil may cause repeated bowel movements for some time and this can lead to dehydration and weakness. Aloe vera juice is also powerful and it should be diluted too before use.

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