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Nettle Tea Health Benefits For Allergy, Arthritis and Hair.  Nettle Tea is a herbal tea made from the nettle herb, chiefly the stinging nettle herb. The Nettle plant is popular in many cultures because it has stinging leaves. If it is handled improperly, it can sting and cause pain. However, surprisingly enough, the tisane made from nettle leaves and roots has many health benefits. In areas where traditional nettle tea is consumed, it is primarily because of its health benefits. So, let us see what it is good for.

Nettle Tea has some nice health benefits. You can buy nettle tea bags from reputed brands either online or directly from the market. But, you may to find a suitable location online.

  • Nettle has exceptionally good nutrition : The nettle herb has been used in some places as a vegetable and as part of some traditional recipes. This use has continued since ancient times, because it was believed to be highly nutritious. Fact is that nettle herb provides very good amount of vitamins like Vitamin A, and minerals like Iron and Calcium. Because of its Iron composition, it is widely used as a herbal cure for Anemia. These nutrients are also present in Nettle Tea.
  • Nettle Tea is powerful against allergies of the respiratory system. Nettle herb possesses natural substances called anti-histamines. These substances have a strong effect against allergies, so they reduce the symptoms of asthma and other allergy caused diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Nettle Tea has been found to be active against arthritis. Drinking nettle tea can actually reduce pain in the arthritic joints. This shows that a herb whose leaves can cause pain if the stings brush you, actually lowers pain levels in the body. The use of nettle leaf against arthritis has been practiced since a long time ago.
  • Nettle tea may be effective against some cancers of the human body. Research is going on to give proof of whether nettle plant has some properties which could be of use while treating cancer. This will greatly improve the usefulness of nettle.
  • Nettle tea is a herbal remedy against scalp and hair problems. It can reduce dandruff and other scalp problems like excessive flaking of scalp. You can apply nettle tea directly on to your hair. Just dilute nettle tea into some water and pour it over your scalp. This light herbal wash will naturally reduce dandruff. However, there is no evidence of this wash being effective against hair loss though. Still, it helps you to keep your scalp clean.
  • As with any herb, Nettle tea is also a diuretic. It cleanses the urinary tract and kidney, thus promoting kidney health. This sort of kidney flush once in a while is good for health. Kidney is a vital body organ and its optimum performance is essential for good health.
  • Nettle can also reduce the severity of a headache and be soothing and calming for the body. It is also good for facial skin problems like acne.

One good thing about Nettle Tea is that is sweet to taste. This is unlike most other herbs whose infusion tastes either tasteless or may taste awfully bitter. Nettle plant is thus suited to making a good herbal tea.  Nettle Tea is generally made from nettle leaves but can also include roasted nettle root powder. Similar to the leaf, roots of the nettle plant also provide such heath benefits.

Note : Nettle tea can have some mild side effects, so you must consult your doctor before taking herbal nettle tea.

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