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Newspaper nails :How To Make Beautiful Print On Nails. How to get newspaper print on your nails. Getting a newspaper nails is really out of the box idea in fashion. It looks class apart and works great when you have exhausted all your other nail color ideas. For many ladies, just shuffling through the colors each day is not enough. Making newspaper nails is relatively easy and it gets done in quick time. Newspaper nails have also become a radical way to voice opinion or personality through words printed on nails. It is somewhat similar to the idea of getting a tattoo to show out your persona.

How To Make Newspaper Nails ? It is quite simple job to do. Follow these steps to get bright newspaper print nails.

  • Select the newspaper cutouts that you want to be imprinted on your nails. Plan it out carefully, so that you don’t have to do them in a hurry in the process. Think about how your nails will look by placing them in the shape of nails.
  • Things you will need : You will require all the regular nail polish paraphernalia along with rubbing alcohol. This liquid is needed to print the newspaper ink on your nails.
  • Start the process : Clean your hands with a soap in warm water. Make the nails absolutely dry.
  • Apply a Base Coat on the nails.
  • Now, paint your nails in the lightest shade of the color you want to be the background for newspaper nails. You can choose colors like light pink, light grey and faint blue. You can also try light lemon yellow, light parrot green etc.
  • After the nails have dried, take out the rubbing alcohol. Pour some out into a small jar. Keep a transparent jar and pour upto enough depth in the jar that only your nails get dipped in the liquid.
  • Start with a hand, pick a nail and dip it into the solution for 5 seconds only. Bring the finger out, hold the newspaper cutout over the nail in proper position and press it firmly. When you take off the paper, you will find that newspaper ink has imprinted on your nail. Do this step carefully, so that your desired design on the nail.
  • Perform this on one hand. Now, wait for a little while and then repeat this for the other hand.
  • Apply a glossy topcoat over the nails. This prevents the newspaper nail print from coming off or lightening. A shiny topcoat adds a reflecting brilliance to your nails. Without a topcoat, your newspaper nails may look less impressive.
  • Now, gently wipe off the excess alcohol and topcoat from the sides of the fingers near the nails, keeping the newspaper print intact.

That’s it, you are done with your nice set of newspaper nails. Go ahead and flaunt them. For some ideas on well done newspaper nails, you can browse through pictures of them on the web.

If you do not like to do newspaper nails with rubbing alcohol, there are many natural substances that can leach out newspaper print. One of them is almond extract. If the newspaper is printed using water based ink, even water can leach out ink from newspaper onto your nails. This is how you get newspaper print on nails.

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