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Persimmon Fruit Health Benefits and Recipes like Cookies. Persimmon is a unique fruit that resembles a tomato. It is native to Japan and China. Now, it is grown in many parts of the world, like Italy and United States. This fruit is admired for its culinary capabilities and also for its brilliant health benefits. Persimmon has been eaten in Japan since a long time ago. There are many varieties of Persimmon, with their naming being derived from Japanese. Two of the most popular varieties of Persimmon are :

  • Jiro Persimmon : It is yellow-orange colored oblate shape fruit, looking like a tomato. This is a non-astringent variety. Another non-astringent variety is the Fuyu.
  • Hachiya Persimmon : It is reddish colored persimmon and is astringent when unripe. It resembles the shape of heart.

Persimmons are relished for their sweet taste and glucose content. There are many varieties of persimmons, some with their unique flavors resembling other things like cinnamon, tomato etc. They are sold by their flavor names, like chocolate persimmon, cinnamon persimmon etc. Most of these varieties are used for making exquisite delicacies. There are many persimmon recipes. Examples of foods that can be made using persimmons are :

  • Persimmon Cookies : These are cookies that can be made with the essence of persimmon. They taste sweet and are a welcome change from other cookies like the oatmeal cookies.
  • Persimmon Jams : Just like other fruits are used to make jams, persimmons are also used to make a delicious jam.Different varieties of persimmons produce different jams, each with some uniqueness in its taste.
  • Dry Fruits : Persimmons are widely eaten as dry fruit. Dried persimmons make great snacks and are used in combination with other snacks. They are also used in salads.
  • Persimmons can be used to make persimmon bread and persimmon puddings. These fruit breads are a hit among kids.

Persimmons offer great scope in recipes. They can be used raw, dried or cooked.

There are many health benefits of persimmons.

  • Persimmons are good for weight loss. A research has indicated that persimmons can improve lipid metabolism and thus remove problems related to fat. Even though persimmons are energy dense fruits, they are not a risk for weight gain.
  • Persimmons provide energy because they contain mostly carbohydrates. They are a nice energy filled snacks.
  • They provide proper nutrition, with small amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Persimmon is considered to be good for the heart and blood vessels. Persimmons boosts the formation of red blood cells.

How to eat a Persimmon ? Well, there are many ways of eating a persimmon fruit. They should rarely be eaten unripe. Persimmons sold in the market are already dried and ripened. So, you can just eat them without having to wait. Just take off the top of the persimmon. Then cut it into four equal slices to serve. Ripe persimmons are also eaten without cutting. It is up to you on how to eat the persimmon.

Tree of the persimmon is valued for its wood. It is used to make bookshelves, billiard cues and sometimes even golf clubs.

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