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Pinched nerve in neck symptoms and treatment with home remedies. Pinched nerve is a nerve that is compressed when it is confined awkwardly between bones, muscles, tendons and any other internal structure. This causes pain to radiate down that nerve. Our neck is a sensitive region. Many nerves emerge from the spinal cord that passes encapsulated in the backbone. These nerves reach all parts of the shoulder, upper back and arms and hands. So, pinched nerve in the neck can cause pain along these lines.

Symptoms Pinched nerve in neck : In general, the symptoms of a pinched nerve are similar, either if it is from the neck, back or elbow.

  • Numbness : Often, there is repeated or continuous numbness in the region. One may feel as though there is lack of sensation in the region.
  • Shooting pain down the arm : Pinched nerve in neck can cause pain to radiate from neck down the arm and ending probably at a particular finger. It could end at the thumb or the index finger. There are few nerve fibers which emanate from the neck. Depending on which one of these is pinched, the pain sensation travels along that nerve. The pain is characteristic of nerve related pains. It is a shooting pain that seems as though it is traveling in the body.
  • Muscle weakness at the neck : One may feel weakness in the neck. Sometimes, the degree of motion of the neck is also compromised.
  • Tingling sensation in the neck which may affect the shoulders as well.

Our neck is easily prone to damage. Even if you sleep in a wrong posture and keep the neck stressed, it can lead to neck problems. The other causes of pinched nerve in neck can be injury to the neck, spinal problems or even nervous system problems. However, there are many things that one can try at home to relieve the pinched nerve in neck situation. Treatment at home for this problem.

  • The first things that people generally do is to stretch their neck. But, stretching the neck and exercising it may cause further problems or worsen the current problem. Instead one should take rest.
  • Lie down on the bed and relax. The body posture should be such that the neck is in an upright position and relaxed. Take quality sleep. This form of rest can help one to quickly heal pinched nerve and bring it back to normal working.
  • Apply ice pack at the neck. Vary the sensation of cold provided by the cold compress. Excess cold applied at the neck may also be harmful. So, use an ice pack which is bearable and not too cold at the neck.
  • Taking a warm water bath with some salt in it. A saline water bath can relax the muscles of the neck region. So, if the pinched nerve got pinched by entrapment in muscles, then this compression may be lifted and nerve resumes its normal function.
  • One can get an aromatherapy massage to get relief from the pain. It may work.
  • Acupressure is a technique that presses the pressure points on the body. This is an ancient technique and this too may help one to recover from pinched nerve in neck.

If none of these home remedies work, one should visit the doctor. There can be many diseases which cause pinched nerve in the neck, so medical care is needed to tackle them .

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