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Potassium rich foods list : healthy fruits and vegetables. Potassium is a dietary mineral that is found in many fruits, vegetables and other food sources. People who have low potassium levels in body may face certain health problems.This is because potassium regulates many functions in the body. It is an electrolyte. Potassium is required for proper working of the nervous system, for proper heart beating and to prevent muscle cramps and exhaustion in case of exercise. The daily recommended intake of potassium is 4,700 mg ( milligram ). People who experience problems that may be caused by potassium deficiency are advised to take potassium rich foods.

Some tasty potassium rich foods that you can eat quickly.

  • Banana : These energy filled fruits have long been known to contain great amounts of potassium. Banana provides energy quickly and also provides us with potassium. Banana tastes excellent with honey. There are many other health benefits of eating bananas daily.
  • Avocado : This fruit is also a good source of potassium in diet. Potassium can be obtained by taking avocados on a regular basis. However, potassium requirement of the body is high, so we need to eat a lot more fruits to keep the potassium concentration up to the mark.
  • Dates are concentrated sources of energy and are a great source of dietary potassium. Dates are quite popular among weight gainers as they help to get over underweight condition. Dates are also excellent fruits which help in many conditions like hair fall.
  • Figs are also fine sources of potassium in diet. You can eat either dried figs or fresh ones, depending upon your liking. If you think that figs and dates are raising calories for you and may hamper your weight loss attempt, you can eat cantaloupe, oranges, papaya and pears. These fruits have more water content and they also aid weight loss. These fruits are good sources of potassium for those who are working to lose weight. Dates and figs provide even more potassium than bananas and make you full of energy.
  • Winter squash : Vegetables like winter squash and pumpkin are nice sources of potassium in diet. These vegetables are versatile and there are many recipes that are prepared using them.
  • Milk and Yogurt are also good sources of potassium in diet. These are dairy products. Milk contains lactose and yogurt does not contain lactose. So, people who have lactose intolerance can take more of yogurt and less of milk.
  • Cucumbers and Watermelons are famous watery delights and are favorite among kids and adults. Both cucumber and watermelon have high concentration of most dietary minerals including potassium. They are refreshing in the summer and great for health.
  • Veggies like carrots, artichokes are also good sources of potassium. Eating vegetables is considered good as it improves numerous aspects of health .

Other than these, few more sources of potassium are mangoes, oats, whole wheat bread, tomato sauce and fish. So, if you eat a combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, you can get the required amount of potassium daily without taking excess calories than what you have planned for.

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