Red Mole On Skin And Skin Cancer

Red mole on skin and how it can be related to skin cancer like melanoma. Most of us have moles. They are tiny protrusions from the surface of the skin. Moles are generally pink or brown. They are generally sharp and often bright. In some regions, moles are a symbol of beauty. Even red moles are common. But, the major cause of concern about red moles arises from the fact that a type of skin cancer called melanoma can show up as a mole. However, there are certain characteristic symptoms of a mole that can be cancerous. Most of the red moles are benign.

red mole

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Red moles are generally bright red and particularly crimson red like the cherry . They generally have blood in them.People can have any number of moles, but generally having more than 50 moles can make a person more prone to developing skin cancer later on in life. Red moles, or in fact any moles can be of different sizes and shapes, different texture and may be bright or dull. Red moles often appear on the scalp, arms, chest and shin. But, sometimes red moles can be on places where one least expects mole, like the lips and the face. Red moles can also be found  on the neck. Moles do not cause any problem. They neither cause any irritation and nor any pain. So, if you are having itching, irritation, burning sensation or any pain or any such kind of discomfort, then it is not normal.

About melanoma : It is a kind of skin cancer. One of its symptoms is related to moles. The most troublesome question is “when should one be alarmed because of a mole ” . These are the things that one should look for in moles.

  • One should know all the moles on his or her body. It is called the mole map of a person. This helps to know which moles are disappearing and whether any new mole has grown. New moles start appearing as one gets older, although it is not a rule. In some people, moles may start to fade away with age.
  • Red or cherry like moles are less common. However, anyone can get red moles.
  • One should note the moles minutely, particularly as one enters into middle age. Moles may change color. So, one should note any color changes. Sometimes, tan or brown moles turns red. If one sees a color change in a mole, then one should visit a doctor.
  • Moles are generally well defined. They don’t look irregular or scar like. So, inspect your moles for these kind of things.

In case of moles, there is a rule named ABCDE which can help a person whether or not a mole condition is something to be worried about. Some people do not like bright red moles from a beauty or personal image point of view. There are procedures for getting a mole removed. However, such a decision must be taken by weighing all factors, like cost and risks.


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